Which Service or Wi-Fi Internet package for temporary use? plz help


I currently live in the middle east and visit Pakistan once or twice a year for 2-3 weeks each time. Since I usually take a my laptop with me, I was hoping if someone could suggest which internet service/package to choose, considering it will be for temporary purposes i.e. only needed once or twice a year.

In Pakistan I have a PTCL landline and live in the PECHS area, I haven't been able to keep up with who the current providers are and what sort of packages they offer.

Just by looking at some ads and asking around, it seems like getting a wireless USB type service would be a good option. I will probably need to pay for the device once (around Rs. 6000?), but then there is WiMax also, which I honestly don't know enough about.

Could you guys please help me out in deciding what to get, I'm panning to visit in the next couple of weeks and wanted to get one as soon as I get there.

In future (next 6 months - 1 year) I do plan to buy a desktop/laptop at home in Pakistan for my mother to use as well, so if a wired cable/DSL option is better than wireless, I would gladly consider it too. (Although the portability of wireless internet, in case of traveling or visiting Lahore/Islamabad, etc. seems really a good value).

So which services or packages would you guys recommend, in terms of cost and reliability. I would at least hope to get a 1Mb connection if not higher, anything less would be annoying I think.

Thanks very much in advance


If u have a PTCL line at ur home... so go PTCL DSL with wifi modem so u can access by wireless..........

PTCL Evo is also a good option it can work for Desktop PC or with laptop as well ... even they have different packages as per ur requirements,,,,

EVO Prepaid Packages

Evo Volume Based Packages

Packages Monthly Charges Volume Additional Usage / Mb

GO Rs. 799 1 GB Rs. 2

2GB LITE Rs. 1199 2 GB Rs.1

Wiz Rs. 1499 5 GB Rs. 0.75

Max Rs. 1999 Unlimited Rs.0

Evo Time Based Packages

Packages Monthly Charges Time Additional Usage / Hour

Day Pass Rs. 100/Day 24 Consecutive Hours -

LITE Rs. 1199 50 Hours / 30 Days Validity Rs.21

MAX Rs. 1999 Unlimited / 30 Days Validity Rs. 0

Postpaid Packages

Billing Options Monthly

Option 1 PTCL Landline Billing Rs. 2000 Bill in PTCL Landline

Option 2 Advance Line Rent Rs. 2000 Advance payment at PTCL OSS or Designated Bank

For more details see


Pakistan is no more baby with internet.. we got good speeds now :D

U can get upto 8mbps speed on DSL.. :)

Well as per ur req i sugest u 2 go for ptcl evo its best 4 u want it for week n dey charge u on daily basis with d speed of 1.5 mbps altought dey advertise 3.1 mbps bt max u get is 1.5 n charger r 100 per day with unlimited dwloads wht else u want