Which RTC IC do you favor?

For the hardware designers here who have had the ocassion to use RTC ICs, which specific parts do you prefer for your projects?

DS1307 is a very very common and basic IC but seems to be the preferred one due to numerous online code/schematic examples. However, it does not have alarm or interrupt features and it has some weird heat/static related issue(s). So apart from the DS1307, which is your preferred IC?

M41T56 by SGS


PCF8583 by Philips (have Alarm)


^ The ST IC seems a basic run-of-the-mill RTC like the DS1307. ST has some other ICs in the SOH-28 package compatible with the SNAPHAT battery+crystal module which likely has usage in space constrained environments.

The NXP one doesen't seem to have a dedicated CLKOUT line but that depends on the application.

Even Microchip has some interesting RTC offerings in the MCP794XX (IIC) and MCP795Wxx (SPI) series offering alarm(s), EEPROM and event counters. The latter has a millisecond alarm too.