Which processor for maya?

No offense but Maya/3dsmax/autocad are meant to be run on Workstations, yes i know many ppl run it on PC but to unlock true potential of these softwares you need Quadro based graphics cards which can't be installed on PCs

No offense taken. :D I know that these softwares require Quadro graphics cards. I just want a PC to do basic practice.

^Sani are you using 2x 2gb ram or single 4gb. If 2gb then whats the current price. Also mention the brand.

Lolx.. I am currently using 512mb ram. 4 GB is i about to get.

O sorry i just read the second last post and then asked you. I thought you've got the pc.

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No offense taken. :D I know that these softwares require Quadro graphics cards. I just want a PC to do basic practice.

Glad to know, its all good if you are not gonna do some real rendering. I once saw a difference between PC and Workstation back in maybe 2007, it was between athlon x2 coupled with latest ati gpu and opteran and the difference was huge, i mean really huge.

Edit: Also refer to this pdf http://download.autodesk.com/us/qualcharts/2011/maya2011_qualifiedgraphics_win.pdf to make sure the graphics card you are going to get is supported by latest maya, not all consumer based graphics cards are supported, the last thing you would like to have is to see that maya is not supporting your gpu and its doing software rendering for filters. For example, GTX 260 is not in the list, so its better to seach for any card you get to ensure full hardware compatibility.

there are fewer people who use the latest versions for maya & max..the all time favorite version is maya unlimited 2009..and for max is 9.

yeas the workstation pcs are built for this job,but there's no harm in using them on regular pc...but mostly people recommend higher ram & at least 512 graphic card,cuz otherwise they might blow their processors :D..if you're rendering heavy scenes (e.g 2 3 hours) just hit pause after every 10-30 minutes for 30 seconds or so..

brother sani, as i already suggested you to get some suggestions from 3D experts from some professional 3D forums like http://forums.cgsociety.org. on this forum a very few people do professional 3D work. So it is difficult for them to suggest you better.

As I know some very little about 3D hardware requirements. My observation is you need more ram and GPU while working in 3D softwares. and more CPU for rendering. The rendering process is only dependent on the power of your CPU, so i ll suggest you to get atleast C2Q, never never prefer a C2D over a C2Q cus C2D have some better benchmarks in GAMES due to lack of support of multicolor processors thats why a C2D performs better in GAMES, but MAYA and 3DSMAX have better support for C2Q, If you could find some benchmarks on google that will surely be helpful.



basic requirement is 2 ghz + , simple rule is : better processor = faster rendering speed .... on 1.8 ghz it will take ages to render HD render with vray lightning plugin or any other similar plugin .