Which pakistani debit card could be used for online buying


how many banks provide debit cards that could be used online i.e on internet for buying products.
im asking about debit cards not credit cards.

please list the banks

Standard Chartered debit cards work online. No session activation required.

only Standard charterd or there is any other bank aswell.

Standard Chartered debit cards. Using it from past couple of years and it is working fine.

I’m using Soneri Current Ikhtiar account. But they charge ridiculous amount for online shopping. Previously they used to only charge 300 per session depending on the amount of your transaction. But now, they’re also charging 100 session activation charges plus 300 for the session itself.

I’ve stopped using their debit card online as it really wasn’t feasible for me anymore. I’m not sure about other banks, their hidden charges is what really irks me the most :rage:

I found MCB Lite works well for both domestic and international online and physical transactions (better FX rate than some other cards). UBL Wiz is OK for local online transactions but it is only usable online - it cannot be used as ATM card or physical transaction card.

You can also use Payoneer for online shopping.

All debit cards work. It depends on the merchant, not debit card.

I am using MCB credit card and its working really well, you can use Standard Chartered debit or credit card as well and both works well without any session activation.

I have always used my mcb wallet card for this, its easy and on daraz you get discount also :grinning: