Which one of these Lcds should i go for?

Hi guys can you please help me out which is the best lcd to buy from the models i have mentioned below if you have a better suggestion then do let me know, Take Care.

Dell: 20" Model# ST2010-BLK, Price: 14,400<- Czone


Samsung: 19" Model# 943SNXPlus, Price: 11,800 <- Czone


Samsung: 20" Model: B2030, Price: 13,500 <- Czone


Viewsonic 19" Model#VX1937wm, Price: 12,800 <- Galaxy Computers


Viewsonic 19" Model#VA1932wm, Price: 13,400 <- Galaxy Computers


HP 20" Model#x20LED , Price: 13,200 <- Czone


Most of the models listed (except for 1) have brightness

at 250 candles, which is lower than the standard, and for

LCD's in particular, whose backlight fades with the passage

of times, you are handicapping yourself.

I would set min benchmarks for myself, before venturing

out with cash. For myself, they were:

01. Brightness 300 candles min.

02. Resolution 1920/1080 (HD)

03. Response time <= 5 ms

04. screen size 20" +

Your budget seems to be around 15K. Although I am not

a fan of Viewsonic (I bought a Dell and it is everything that

people rave about and more), but there is a Viewsonic model

which has got a good bang-for-the-buck (VA2231wm).

You can never have enough screen real-estate, specially

if you will be watching the occasional movie, or doing multi-

tasking with 2+ windows open at a time. A higher resolution

and brightness will pay for themselves, in terms of user satis-

faction, utility and enjoyment.

Btw, Galaxy has started overcharging. Same stuff you can

get on the ground floor of Uni Plaza (Karachi), for 1,000 &

even 1500 less, @ Reliant Computers for instance. If I hadn't

looked around in the market, they would've nicked moi. As

for guarantee, the LCD manufacturers provide it, directly.




Sheikh 'Caveat Emptor' Chilli

shiekh has given some good suggestions but i am curious frost...

what would you use the lcd for...games? internet? do you want to hook it up to a ps3?

please elaborate more...

Well i would use it for movies, internet and reading comics etc.

The viewsonic model i mentioned above has 300 candels, how much do you think i will get it at reliant computers?

And which lcd are you using Sheikh Sahib?


I am not familiar with Gulshan-e-Iqbal, but I drove all the

way out there to get (what I thought would be) a good

deal for a Dell S2309 at Czone. After several hours of dri-

ving over-under-around-passes I get there and the pathan

baba brings out a scratched, dented, used-piece-of-&^#!

which they are trying to pass-off for a new one.

When I complained and asked for another piece, the kids

running the store insisted it was a fresh piece and got into

a huff. Needless to say, I wouldn't buy a pack of chewing

gum from those two-bit shysters. Just my $0.02

About the Viewsonic VX1937, it is the one with the 300 cd

but it is an older 16:10 size with a resolution of 1440x900.

The greater the resolution the more precise the objects on

the screen. Just like dpi on a printer; compare a dot-matrix

printer copy with a laser printer... on LCDs, the greater the

number of pixels, the better the quality of images on the


If you are playing in the 15K range, my suggestion would

be to hold tight, save another 2K, until you can afford a

HD LCD, with a 1080p (1920x1080) resolution. It will be

worth the wait and money, I assure you. Also, check out

any Dell models available at Uni Plaza or Techno City. I know

there were at least two models available in the market in

the 12K-17K range. Wouldn't hurt to look at their reception.




Sheikh 'Sabar Ka Phal' Chilli

So esentially what you are saying is that CZone is not a good place to buy from as they might give a damaged unit and Galaxy Computers are now charging more because they have become sort of a brand name and apart from that i should invest in a viewsonic or Dell HD lcd for which i should check out Uni Plaza or Techno City?

1920x1080 reselution is too much like how will i be able to see the screen fonts ^_^ like i use 1024x786 res.

And to enjoy a HD experience wont i need to invest in a suitable graphics cards and have to download blu ray format files which are in Gbs compared to the standard 700mb dvd rip?

now i am confused =(

what about this viewsonic model:


is it better then Viewsonic VX1937?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

1920x1080 reselution is too much like how will i be able to see the screen fonts ^_^ like i use 1024x786 res.


Yeah I have often wondered that myself. You can increase text size in Windows with the dpi setting. But text, images and videos in web browsers will be tiny until you zoom in. So you have to view all www content at resolutions it was not intended for.

I suspect the vast majority of 1080p LCD owners run their screens at a much lower resolution i.e. non-native resolution. There really doesn’t seem to be much advantage to running your screen at such a high resolution. Its not as we Pakistanis have particularly fast internet connections that allow us to download HD movies in a flash.

Anyway you can’t get 20" 1080p monitors. The smallest ones are at 23" and above and currently that means Rs. 17,000 or more. So if you don’t have that budget just go for a smaller monitor.

1024x768 would look terrible on a wide screen monitor (stretched out), and LCDs that are not on their non native resolution look fuzzy and make text harder to read. So you should be ready to upgrade your resolution for best results.

I moved from a 17" 1024x768 to a 22" 1068x1050 monitor a couple of years ago, and personally I did not feel any difficulty reading text or otherwise working with my computer. Now when I have to sit on some 1024x768 monitor everything looks huge and cramped. :)

Also, I think full HD (1920x1080) is bit overkill for monitors around the 20" mark...I think around 1440x900 is more than enough for 19"-20" monitors; IMO

And yes for enjoying HD movies you would of course need to download larger versions of the movies. Most built in graphic controllers these days do have enough power to run HD movies; unless you have an old PC it should not be an issue.

Well in order to use the Dvi connector of the Lcd i will surely have to purchase a graphics card as built in vga cards do not provide dvi interface, by the way whats the difference in the analogue vga and dvi interface? like is there a lot of difference?

i called Reliant traders but they dont have the viewsonic model 2231 and yes Galaxy is more expensive then Czone say by 200rs.

There is a viewsonic led model at 19" VX-1932WM-LED that I have read good things about. You may want to take a look at that. IMO its best if you see the various LCDs in operation before you buy. Because when it comes right down to it a monitor is only as good as its image quality and that is a very subjective thing.

This actually brings to mind a question. Do retailers in Pakistan allow you to "sample" monitors before you buy?

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
Well in order to use the Dvi connector of the Lcd i will surely have to purchase a graphics card as built in vga cards do not provide dvi interface, by the way whats the difference in the analogue vga and dvi interface? like is there a lot of difference?

i called Reliant traders but they dont have the viewsonic model 2231 and yes Galaxy is more expensive then Czone say by 200rs.


DVI supposedly delivers better image quality because there is no generation loss. Its entirely digital.

Analog RGB connectors suffer from generation loss as the signal is converted to analog then back to digital once it reaches the LCD. But you know analog is much more widely used even in this day and age and you would expect LCD manufacturers to have figured out a way to display a good quality image inspite of the generation loss.

If analog is all you have then be sure to see the LCDs in operation when connected to an analog connector before you buy.

Like I said before, you must be clear in your mind, what is

it, that you want. That depends largely on how you plan

to use an LCD. Most of these mid-range monitors have both

a DVI and VGA out. But there is a marked difference, at-

least for me, when I switch between DVI and VGA. I would

never go back to VGA, having once used a DVI interface.

And yes, I have a graphics card with a DVI output, so I

didn't have to pop for a new graphics card.

If you want to read large text, or surf the net, then you

shouldn't worry about the finer aspects, like resolution

and response time, which come into play where video,

graphics and performance need to be punched to the max.

for sweet results.

You can buy a 19"-22" used Dell LCD from Techno City

for 5-10K. You won't need a graphics card, DVI input,

or anything of the sort. Just plug-n-play. Some of them

look pretty good and I myself was tempted to pick one

up from there. Why invest 15K, when you can get the

same technology in 1/3 price ?. The backlight could be

a problem with a used LCD, but that's a 50/50 chance.

I would second rokra and go look at the reception of

LCDs in your budget and pick one which you think looks

best to you. It's a tricky equation, when you have to

balance [wants-needs-priorities-availability]. All we can

suggest is the best option, for a given price range, in our

limited capacity. Best of luck to you bud.




Sheikh 'Ghazi Under Attack' Chilli

PS: I only related my experience with, and opinion of, Czone.

You should go there yourself and scope out the joint. But I

wouldn't hold out much hope for after-sales service with that


If you want to see various lcds in action , just go the techno city where there are many vendors with lcds already hooked up to computers. Samsung (lcd display centre) and acer main dealers are there as well. What is available on the net (like on websites like galaxy and czone) does not even began to compere to how much stuff and models there are available in the market.

In the end there is only so much research you can do on the computer. I usually take 2-3 visits to the market before buying any Lcd. I ask the shopkeeper for their cards and they write down their model number plus demand on back of their cards. Then I just research them on the internet When I come home. After picking 2-3 models I like I just go to the same shops and ask them for lower price on model I want. Then I just pick that model up from the lowest bidder. Takes about an hour.

Here are some useful tips before buying Lcds:

1. does it have card warranty,, if so ask that what kind of dead pixel warranty lcd gives. Usually lcd come with 3 to 5 dead pixel warranty. Shop keepers usually lie about this in order to avoid unnecessary hasle later on. In case of dead pixel company will exchange lcd.

2. In your price range 15000 rs, 10000:1 contrast ratio should be a minimum. Try to get the maximum ratio you can get.

3. Its a matter of give and take. Bigger lcd, say 21.5 inches, are available cheaper but you have to settle for an older model with good contrast ratio and analogue port. If you pick one with a dvi port then a card with dvi port will cost you 1000 - 1500 rs extra.

4. Contrary to what is on the net, Lcds are available in various shapes and size. Widescreen and standard are most widely available. Choose one.

5. 5ms should be the minimum refresh rate in your price range, 2ms will be awesome.

6. forget about monitors resolution. Ater buying the lcd you must use it at its native resolution only. Text and games look better that way. Native resolution is often written on the box.

7. I always tell shopkeepers to show me a display against a white background so that there are no dead or stuck pixels on the lcd. If the shop keeper is too busy or refuses to show me a display I just walk away. Thats my hard earned money I am spending. Lcds can develop problems from the the get go so be careful. Box pack models have dead, stick pixels too.

8. Do not limit your lcd companys to just samsung or viewsonic. These companies also have lcds available:

lg, haier (only 20 -24 inches available), aoc, eizo

Look for the best in these as well.

9. Acer usually have the cheapest prices and good quality. Samsung has the best picture quality though. (Depending on the model of course).

Hope this helps.

which models have 2ms refresh rate like i cant seem to find any and dell uses Samsung panels so why not go for Samsung lcd monitors? and should i opt for Lcd or Led?

Whats the main difference between LCD monitor and LCD tv?Can a LCD monitor be used as TV?

yes it can be used , u will need to buy a tv tuner device though.

High end LCD models, such as this Samsung P2250 on sale at

Galaxy Computers for instance, has the 2ms response time.

Of course, you have to pay more. Also, make sure that this

response time is measured G-2-G (Gray to Gray) and not from

white to gray.




Sheikh 'Garnier For Men' Chilli