Which one is most horror movie in your opinion?

Write down the name of horror movie which in your opinion is the most horrific movie.

i am making one "Life in Pakistan" it gonna be the most horrible movie ever in history , just wait its in post production


The ones you have in your dreams. makes you pee in your bed doesn't it?

Waiting life in pakistan

Life in Pakistan is not worst. You should the living outside Pakistan to earn bread and butter how they feel?

The most horror movie is "The Strangers"

Insidious chapter 1 & 2... so horror movie i ever watched

Drag me to hell... Sam Raimi out did every one in this genre..9.5/10

Skeleton key.... very very disturbing movie when the ending comes.. you will scream Bull Shiit...like everyone does.. 8.5/10

کوئی بھی پاکستانی پنجابی فلم دیکھ لو

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^ Wrong..

thats Comedy genre..

On a serious note

  1. Dead Silence.
  2. Exorcist:the beginning.
  3. Mirrors.
  4. Insidious.
  5. The woman in Black . by daniel Redcliffe |(the harry potter)

If you like horror with suspense, those should test your bladder.

Ragini mms I like from Bollywood

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Married people would say their wedding movie :lol:

It depends upon person to person ... meaning what scares you may be different from what scares me.

IMO: The Ring, The Grudge

A horror movie has to be watched in a specific environment to fully enjoy the horror factor.

  1. Be sure to watch alone. Even a single companion will only ruin the experience.
  2. Watch in a dark/semi dark room.
  3. Preferably at night, around 1.AM
  4. Even better if you are alone in the home. ;)
  5. Headphones work better than speakers for viewing horror movies. As sound from speakers gives a feeling of life around, sound from headphones makes it up-close and personal and immerses you in your own world of horror.
  6. Turn off distractions like phones etc.

With such a setup, the effect of most horror movies will last longer, much longer, trust me :D

Irrelevant posts seriously.Crapping in serious posts and drag ppl like me into it too.

Horrer Movies Lovers should watch it;

the conjuring:

Drag me to Hell.