Which one is best wireless internet service in Karachi?

hey guys,

I am interested in buying wireless internet service; I am living towards Safoora Chowrangi area, near University road Karachi. I need your suggestion which WIRELESS internet service is good in Karachi these days? As I am more concern with coverage in my area (safoora chowrangi, near university road), rate plans and speed.

Looking forward to hear your suggestions!



Mobilink Wimax is a good option, though if you download a lot it might not be suitable - it is limited to 15gb a month.

people talk alot by worldcall evdo but i dun know its covereage there

After upgrading, WC EVDO is become very nice and I think much better than wimax. You may need to check reception in your area.

You may try WorldCall's EVDO, as they can give you a demo in your area, and if you see it works you can always opt for it, but do try different websites. I am satisfied with their services (MashaAllah).