Which one is best between Iphone and Blackberry


Do you use i phone or blackberry mobiles.According to you which one is best Iphone or Blackberry. Which one is more function-able .

Blackberry is a business phone (Only)

The iPhone is a entertainment phone (Multi Purpose Phone) Games Useful Apps etc..

iPhone has a faster CPU than Blackberry and more memory capacity with HD 720p video recording

Iphone all the way...

iPhone obv. Blackberry if u really want to subscribe to BB service.

If you consider out of these options.. Samsung Glaxay s2 would be better than iPhone 4.. or wait for the next iphone.

Blackberry For Buisness, Otherwise its crap. and if you want a more Function-able set than neither from these two. Go for a Android Device. Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the best so far. The Super AMOLED + screen on it is just xexxy. Also you can check the LG Optimus series.

Iphone for sure with its convenience, ease of use, Reliability and best of all Usability for each task

I dont like either! Go for andriod! for N8

none of them, get an android, get a life!

Iphone & Blackberry Both are over rated. Android All the way :)

iPhone 5 Concept Features

Blackberry??? Totally Zalleel set... Iphone rocks...

BB has lost its appeal over the past few appears as its more and more geared towards a business user, where as iPhone is a complete entertainment package. You want games they have it, business applications, yup those too. BB has lost it

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iPhone 5 Concept Features


You do realize that the video is fake?

ofcourse it is they pitched it as iPhone 9 concept.

chose between some HTC android phones

btw LG Androids are getting a better hardware these days!

Hey Dude! IPHONE is the best in myopinion because its from APPLE, blackberry is old now . iphone is better in functionality and many features.