Which modem should i get?

Hi bros....my ptcl modem is not working properly it has some problem in it's start button, it's lose and it keep turning the modem off suddenly

I am thinking to get a new modem, should i call ptcl and ask them to replace the modem or should i get a new modem my self ?

and if i get a new modem which one will be the best to get ?........please help and give advice.


- Yes, you may try to get a free replacement (an obvious quality defect) by returning it to the exchange (yes, you'll have to go to your local exchange)

- If they refuse a free replacement, you may get a new one from the exchange if you so decide (should charge some amount in the bill ... don't hand over cash)

- If you don't decide to get one from PTCL, you could get a new one! There are also used/nearly new ones being sold via classified ad sites ... I also happen to have some from 'uk lots' (see the Buy/Sell/Trade section here ... I'll be adding more as I continue testing)

- Or you could just have the button repaired ... some electronics cleaning spray (contact cleaner non greasy type) would do the trick ... and if it is the mechanical (spring) type, some WD40 might just work ... some shop nearby should be able to help out!

Hope this helps!



I don't trust used things not in this country, maybe if it was another country i would but in Pakistan i don't even trust new things let alone used.

I only want to know if i buy my own modem which type will be the best, which will give me the max speed and without any headaches or problems.


So, now we know what you want


- One should match the chipset of DSLAM to the chipset of the modem for beat compatibility

- However, one may go for a device with a Broadcom's chipset as these supposedly handle noise better

- Some (wifi ac mostly) wireless routers don't have a dsl modem, so, depending upon your usage, you may have to buy 2 devices ... ASUS and Netgear might be good choices depending upon your budget

- If you are unsure, it would be best to get one from PTCL with a known brand like Sagem, Huawei, ZyXel, Tenda ...

Note: A lot depends upon the condition of the line! Over here, there is a sync rate limit imposed by PTCL unlike other places that use Target SNR Margins and so no difference is likely to be experienced on a good line between different modems! Other things of note might include Operating Temperature (need for extra cooling and ventilation during summers) and the quality of the power supply (can it be run on UPS, generator, etc... though most Power Supplies are made to run on pure sinewave only)