Which mobile should i buy? Lumia 730 or LG G2

Dear WP fellows,

I am planning to buy a mobile phone. Need your suggestions based on your experience that which device should i buy?

1- Nokia Lumia 730 (Windows)

2- LG G2 (Android) [used device available @ apx 20,000/-]

I have no problem with either OS, Dual sim is also not an issue. Need performance, stability and good camera.

Previously used Lumia 520 and Sony Xperia SP, both were very good.

Damn that is a tough one, especially since they're both different category of devices... I like both Lumia & LG devices so not sure which one to recommend. I've personally tested the G2, it's a brilliant device, but I'm pretty sure the Lumia 730 would be a winner in it's game as well.

Let's see...

LG G2 advantages over the Lumia 730:

Better design

Better specs

Bigger, better screen

More internal storage but no SD card slot

Better cam

4G supported

Lumia 730 advantages over the LG G2:

Better performance in the long-term due to the glorious WP8 OS

Dual-Sim supported

Expandable Storage via SD card

Better selfie cam :P

So... based on your preferences, one of the devices may be better suited to you. I guess personally if i had to make the choice, I'd go with the G2, it's excellent.


Ya i know that its a tough one. Yesterday I went to mobile market but returned empty hands :)

I think LG G2 has a slight edge over Lumia 730 in terms of screen, camera and re-sale.

I will take a day or two to finalize my next mobile :)

Though don't have any experience with the Nokia Lumia 730, I think LG G2 You should definitely go for the LG G2. Here are a few reasons

LG G2 Advantages over Nokia Lumia 730

  • Better and bigger screen still compact body. 5.2 icnhes Full HD screen having 424 ppi. over all phone size just few mm bigger than that of Lumia 730
  • Much powerful processor than Nokia Lumia 730
  • More RAM, double than that of Lumia 730
  • More internal Memory 32GB
  • Much better camera
  • 4G support
  • Much more apps available due to Android OS

Nokia Lumia 730 Advantages over LG G2

  • Better battery timing.
  • microSD card support. Though you won't need a microSD if you buy a 32GB version G2.
  • Better Front Camera.
  • Dual SIM support

Here is a full comparison of the specs if you want to check.

LG G2 VS Nokia Lumia 730 Specifications comparison

Based on my experience with LG G2 I would strongly recomend LG G2. It is an excellent phone. Though you will have to buy a used one so there is a little risk involved but you can phone much more powerful and efficient in a lower price than Nokia Lumia 730.

if you have used a windows low end windows phone before, you will enjoy the lumia 7xxx as it would be a big upgrade in both software and hardware..... if you havent used a windows phon before, the LG is better option.. if you have been using android for a very long time and hvent used win phone much, then lumia will keep you entertained for a long time.

choose which scenario you fall in, and you can make a decision easily.

Wow... somebody knows how to copy/paste stuff... somebody also knows how to edit just enough to make it look original... :rolleyes:

G2 is one hell of a phone in its price. Period. :)

[quote=“Upsilon, post:6, topic:21844”]

Wow... somebody knows how to copy/paste stuff... somebody also knows how to edit just enough to make it look original... :rolleyes:


HAHAHA... you just got served :D

Finally, bought LG G2 32GB (black Claro variant with Jelly bean)

Bought for Rs. 20,000 and jut updated to KK.

Below are my findings sofar...


Brilliant Screen (Full HD)

Good front Camera (For Selfie)

Nice looking UI

Quick memo

Efficient Keyboard

knock screen to lock/ unlock

Lollipop is coming... :)


No memory card (but 32GB is enough for me :) )

Awkward position of keys (to start with at-least)

Rear Camera does not look impressive sofar (may be some settings required... will let u know)

Worth buying.... happy

Rear Camera result... (had to trim snaps for uploading)

^ Congratulations!

The cam result doesn't look bad to me, it's pretty decent actually. It would be easier to judge them if they were full size snaps, but still the obvious quality is more positive than negative. Color reproduction is good, noise is controlled, detail levels seem fairly high. It's not bad at all IMO...

Yes, a full size snap will be more telling. Result seems good, although shooting in some other mode will probably capture sky hues better. (wash-out in first pic)

mobile cameras can never match the quality of even a decent point shoot.. they are always limited. buying a mobile fr camera is not a suitable decision, no matter s5 zoom or lumia 1020 or pure view.

use a mobile for being mobile. fr that G2 is solid as Fudge for its price. there are better phones but this is the cheapest option for its specs.

^ Thank you all.

after few other shots, now I am ok with the camera quality.

*LG PC suit transferred my old Iphone data from Itunes backup file to my new G2. (painless :) )