Which LCD OR LED IS Cheap

Hello! Everyone.

which lcd or led tv is cheap and better in picture Quality.Sony,Samsung,Panasonic,Lg,Eco Star.Sony is expensive.Lg,Eco star is a little cheap.which one i can purchase.

SAMSUNG is the best choice.

Dont know in which size u wanna buy but samsung is better then all .

i have samsungs , sony and LG at home alhamdoLILLAH and i prefer samsung with no doubt.

i want to buy LG (26 inch).My range is about 35,000 Rs. what is the price of 26 Inch LCD in Samsung.

In 35000 range you can easily buy a 32 inch lcd tv, nowadays the price of lcds are getting cheaper.

Samsung is an excellent brand but sony is also very good

here are 2 websites with prices for samsung and various other lcd tvs in pakistan. Don't forget to bargain for a lower price when you decide to buy.