Which LCD/LED?

guys,which lcd is better ?

1) Dell st2420L 24" ( 22.7k,comes with some cables missing).

2) Acer H235H 23'' (20.8K)

3) ViewSonic VX-2450wm LED 23.6" (23k)

^ ViewSonic seems to be the best option :P



Why is Viewsonic better? BTW you can get HDMI cables cheap (~400), even if they don't come with the Dell monitor.

ViewSonic VX2450wm is best

Because ViewSonic VX2450 LED Top 3 of World

Viewsonic, IMHO, due to these reasons:

1. Matte Screen

2. Reliability

3. Sharp picture quality.

4. Amazing colour reproduction.

But all these monitors have a very bad brightness and contrast values.. I have to turn the lights off just to watch the movies and play games


acer hv a best result

View Sonic! i am more than 10 years user of it and currently using two LCDs with HDMI support

View sonic Products Always best, but if i compare Dell and Acer LCDs than I recommend You Acer, bcz I Used and pretty satisfied. I use Acer V193HQV model these days...

I"m using Dell ST2420L LED myself. Despite the bad rep it got online, I find it very aesthetically pleasant and surprisingly sharp and way more vibrant than my previous LCD. VX2450 isn't a bad option, but I can't say about their warranty and longevity. The ST2420L i have has zero dead pixels or issues whatsoever. I'd highly recommend it, since I'm using it right now :).


LCD uses liquid crystals. They don't generate any light of their own so they need back lighting which washes out the colors creating a poor contrast ration. An LED each pixel is an individual LED light, because of this it requires no back lighting and the contrast is near perfect, also it would be significantly thinner and require far less energy to run. The only downside to LED TVs is a relatively short life span and high cost.


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