Which laser printer to purchase?

I want to purchase a laser printer because I am told by many people that an ink jet printer's no. of paper printing is very less compared to laser.

So today I visited the market in Jhelum and I was given the information below:

1. Samsung ML 1640 Lazer. Pages (1100 to 1500) Price (Rs.8500)

2. SaMSUNG ml 2240 Lazer. Pages (2000 to 2500) Price (Rs.10500)

3. HP 1102 Lazer. Pages (500 to 700) Price (Rs.12500)

4. Cannon LBP 2900 Lazer. Pages (2500 to 4000) Price (Rs.12500)

The shopkeeper was favoring the Cannon and he was against the HP. "Ab to naam he reh gya hay HP ka"

Please recommend me a brand with model and price which would be an optimal solution for me in a longer prospective. I think WIFI should also be added. Out of box solution can also be accepted.


If you print in black for the most part, then laser is the way to go (color laser printers are still a bit expensive and not the best value for money at the moment). Personally I've always owned HP printers and I don't have any complaints at all. I haven't used any of these particular models though so can't make specific comments. Google for comments regarding these models, you'll get a far more diverse range of user experiences instead of asking here. Generally, printers are simple devices and they work up to expectations.

yeh black not color required.

I asked it here because I want to get sure about the number of pages as I wasn't sure with Canon's Pages (2500 to 4000). Normally I heard only 1000-1400 pages.

Don't just take shopkeeper's words about anything, they' may probably sell you something they get more 'incentives' from or more margin. According to their websites:

SAMSUNG ML-2240 [1500-1500+450 in saver mode]


Canon says 2000 pages based on 5% paper coverage


I purchased HP 1020 few years ago and been happy with it. I chose HP because of it's price back then + the fact that it came with a STANDARD Toner Cartridge as compared to a Samsung model back then which came with a Starter Toner Cartdige meaning the Starter won't last you much longer...

Can't check all but the Samsung I linked to above says it comes with 700 pages toner which is 'starter' because standard is of 1500 pages and for HP it says 'Introductory black cartridge' as well, they probably went on some saving too :S. Don't they have some HP model in 8000 range these days?

I own HP P1005 laser printer bought 2 years ago for Rs.7200 and has not given me any problem plus I am still using the toner that came with it and have printed more than 800 pages so far and still perfect black and crisp printing. So I would say go for any HP laser jet

Using HP2055DN. Superb printer, plus duplex printing. :)

no page found for this model in PAkistan and furthermore its color with high price. My range is Rs.12000-13000.

I think for me Cannon LBP 2900 Lazer Pages (2500 to 4000) Price (Rs.12500) will be a good choice.

I can go with product of Samsung! because they are good in when it comes to printing and imaging !

I saw a samsung model in two offices and they were giving dimm prints.