Which language to start with for website development?

I have completed my degree but honestly I didn't learn programming to some good extent through which I could consider myself mature in some language.

Now I am free and not bound to assignments and things like that. Now I want to start learning website desgning. I went to W3Schools (http://www.w3schools.com/) but again confused how to start.

Although I will have to learn HTML and PHP in any way but then questions comes in mind which one to start with Java or JavaScript, Ajax, CSS etc?

Please tell me an order in which I should start learning. 1,2,3......

Now I don't want to waste my time. With a degree in IT one can be a self-learner in the age of internet. Please let me know the time or other things I will require other then ebooks, video tutorials and internet?

I am getting some 15,20k jobs but all these 1 or 2 year contracts will be a wastage of time as all these jobs are not even closed to IT, programming or networking. Either I opt these jobs or not its another thing but one thing is clear that I will have to learn web programming in real sense as I am not interested desktop apps development. Preparing myself for Microsoft certifications but I know that wouldn't be enough without learning code.

Do help me with some positive comments coz I am quite confused nowadays. :(

Well...I think the best thing to learn in this environment would be to code for mobile apps. You have different platforms iOS, Android, WP7 and Blackberry. I myself learned a bit of WP7 programming (which uses C#) even though i am not an IT guy and it was good fun. This field has the best growth prospects and many opportunities.

To learn how to code for Windows Phone 7 you can follow this guide:


The guy that is teaching this stuff is amazing and explains everything very well in a series of videos. In addition to teaching Windows Phone 7 programming he is also teaching C# (C Sharp) so you can also develop Windows applications once you're done with all the lessons. I suggest you give it a go and share your feedback here.