Which is your favorite stage drama dancer?

mine is Nargis and yours?

which is your favorite stage drama dancer?

with or without cloths ?

^ with cloths

this topic is sooo....

i can believe people still watch those cheap little bitches...

man you need to higher your standards...

if you wana watch dance there are some quality dance shows like "so you think you can dance"

but these cheap bithes doing hip thrusts n other crappy moves aint worth watching....

now i understand how these people earn money.. cuz guys like armada pay for the vcds to watch their shaking bewbs....

still i m disgusted by these dancers...

I like Dance India Dance Little Champs.

And the dance you are talking about are exercises. I don't think so that their act could be called dance from any sense.

I think sooner or later women wrestling on Lahore Stage would be the next step as it could be more sexy for males watching them.

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mine is Nargis and yours?


i used to like the b…h


You guyz still watch those stage dancers and all that crap.

This thread is pointless.

Why dont you guys do what Iranians do, "Contract Marriage" !!!

Keep a clause that says, if you complain the contract is void....

its now our Lahori culture entertainment for gujar and formers boys whom all day spend at dera's with maja and pathay they come and watch those sexy bitches moving for refreshment thats why they calling way gujra way because they knew many gujar are sitting around here now we accpet this is our mujra industry of Lahore acctuly of Punjab i know many of Sindhi and pakhtuni watch them don't call them bitches or slaps if those are then Indians all actress are bitches they have very bad life behind the camera .........even hollywood actress who dance or acting are bitches they spend their life with drugs and doggys U guys know why every actress in hollywood perfare dog rather than a man because dogs can't talk what i did last night?