Which is the best practice Shut down or Stand by the PC?

I want to know which is the best practice, Shut down or Stand by the PC? If I do Stand By the PC for say 12hours then it also consumes battery power?

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I recommend hibernate. It nearly halves the boot up time and doesn't use battery at all.

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I recommend hibernate. It nearly halves the boot up time and doesn’t use battery at all.

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Technically also standby and hibernate are better than Shut down. Not fast woke up but also it will improve your products life.

Shutting down is the best option, Sometimes you install new programs which work fully after a reboot, though they don't ask for it.

Shut Down: Your computer turns off.

Hibernate: Your computer writes the data from your RAM onto your hard drive and turns off. When coming out of hibernation, it'll transfer that data back to the RAM and you can continue from where you left off. It's usually faster than booting up and waiting for startup programs to launch.

Standby: Turns off most of your computer and enters it into a low power state where some components are still powered, e.g your RAM, Keyboard (sometimes), LEDs. The RAM is not emptied, hence when you press a button it just starts instantaneously.

Here's what I do. For everyday usage, use Hibernate, much quicker and gives you the ability to resume your work. If you encounter some errors or Windows becomes slow, Shut down once in a while. Use standby only if you're going to resume your work in the next 15 minutes.

But I don't have Hibernate option in my PC which have WXP.

^Windows XP hibernates but you need to install some graphics or chipset drivers or something to make it work, at least that was the case with my laptop.

Go to Control Panel and thn Power Options.. you will find Hibernate there

To make Hibernate appear in the Turn Off Your Computer dialogue, simply hold down the Shift key and Stand By will switch to Hibernate.

You need to hold down the Shift key to see and use the Hibernate shut-down option

I prefer Hibernate.

Thank you. I got it.

I prefer hibernate, it is a blessing for people like us living in the age of loadshedding.

I believe simplest way to activate hibernation is by cmd. Run it as administrator and type "powercfg /hibernate on".

It depends on the user, his PC usage & his PC specs.

When i had a slow PC, i used to hibernate all the time, now its been a long time since i did anything other than Shutdown. :D

So either go for Shutdown or Hibernate.

it depends on your power plan of your laptop. change it according to your needs.