Which is the best broadband Internet solution in Karachi?

Dear Forum Members,

Please recommend me the best broadband internet solution that is available in Karachi. By 'best' I mean quality of connection - because I believe that a high quality product requires little after-sales support. My budget is around Rs. 2,000 per month. I look forward to your valuable advise.



Raamis, we have dedicated / stickied threads discussing broadband ISPs in lengths and breaths. Kindly take some time to browse through the posts, and you'll get a really good idea of what you should go for.

Edit: Further to your email, i'm reopening the thread, since you have a specific question.

Your best bet would be to go with either PTCL or Maxcom.

There are a lot of satisfied PTCL customers here, and a lot of very angry customers. Satisfied because PTCL delivers the goods (meaning the promised speeds), angry because PTCL takes forever to service customers, complete upgrade requests, and their is virtually no sense of centralized complaints / service process. Once you have a problem, you pretty much have to get it sorted out on your own in every way possible.

Maxcom delivers the goods, and has great customer service and support.

So the question really is, if you want more speed and zero customer support for less, or if you want good speed and great customer support for slightly more.

Maxcom is the ISP I recommend to everyone in Karachi. At the present time you'll get a 512K connection for 1800Rs a month.

none so far, internet is like you have it and you don't have it, nothing can be done which requires real time applications and your bread and butter depends on it, like stock market or foreign exchange trading, VOIP communications for business purposes etc.

up time of internet is flaky and not up to the par to use it for real time applications

if you just want for personal use, emails browsing, downloading torrents etc for this its ok

customer service is worst, incompetent 3rd rate talent employees

worldcall is available in middle to upper class areas

ptcl dsl is widely available even it covers poor areas

maxcom dsl again like worldcall cater to middle to upper class areas.

ldn and wateen forget about them they are just outright worst.

there is another rip off internet joint called cyber net f@## them