Which FPS Online Multiplayer Game to get

Well em back home for the summers so i want to play some online Multiplayer FPS games .. so which games are currently famous .. like which games currently have the most servers exceot CS

and emm cracked servers

i know u dnt support piracy but .....

hope i can get sum help

so COD 4

MW 2

Black OPS

BF 2

Bad Company 2

which one is popular now a days :D

TF2 is FREE forever from today !

TF2 is FREE forever from today on steam !

Blackops and MW2 is for jump in, shoot and kill experience. Kinda feels boring now.

Bad company 2 is the shooter of choice. My all time favorite.

badcomapny 2 kay pakistan main koi server nahee :(

For Pakistan,MW2 is the best choice

Lot of people online every day with some good servers.