Which decoder and works for english movie channels

Hi Folks,

Looking to get a decent listing to watch english movie channels

The channels i have in my wish :) list are

MM, MM2 & M-Net

TCM, WB and Hall Mark

Super Movies

Star Movies


What should I go for?

You help would be most appreciated and help me make an informed decision.


Regarding MM,MM2,M-net no chance in Pakistan.TCM,WB,HALLmark on any indian dth which are widely available..regarding supermovies its on hotbird (nova package i guess) which can be only view by cardsharing and which is quite confusing for a newbie :P

MM,MM2 and MNet are long gone. forget those they are no more available in our region.

You can get WB, MGM, HBO and Star Movies on Dish TV but TCM is only available on Tata Sky.

Hallmark is replaced by Universal Channel in Asia and Europe. and its not available on any indian DTH.

Super Movies is part of OSN (Orbit Showtime) and its available on Eurobird for the time being. It will be moving to Nilesat in few days which is only accessible in lower parts of Pakistan.

Now there is thing called Card Sharing, by which u can get loads of pay channels from various satellites without using any smart card. it requires a special decoder and internet to get smart card data from a server. but as koder said it is a complicated thing for a new comer.

I just maybe talking out of my hat... but is codesharing more like where one updates the stub whenever the encryption is changed... I did setup something similar about a year back for my cousin in North America while i was visiting him... He had office PPV DishTV, got a decoder for him from the net, updated the stub and told him how to do it, whenever it got changed...

Still in a fix, as to what to go for...

I am in Lahore, so seems like Nilesat is out of question...


That is the software or keys that u have to update yourself everytime it changes but Card Sharing is different thing. if i put it in simple words, one guy buys an original smart card and pays subscription and put that card in a special decoder instead of its original decoder which is operated by a linux based software and that decoder is connected by internet all the time and shares encryption data, acts as a server to other people having same decoder but without smart card, connected to internet, having a user name, password and some other data provided by that server guy and stored it on decoder. That decoder is known as Dreambox. many people are providing this service for free which is offcourse not that reliable but some charge monthly which is not that much as compare to the channels you get to see.