Which Debit Card Works best for Online Transactions?

Assalam- O Alaikum,

I have a question, which debit card works best for international transactions in Pakistan? I know a few, but they ask for session activation every time I make a purchase.

I’m looking for a debit card which I can use to make international transactions without the hassle of session activation.

List the banks.

Thank you.

Standard Chartered.

Meezan also works fine.

  • There is also a fixed charge by VISA of Rs. 400 per foreign transaction which is charged separately after some time.
  • I purchased windows, office and protonVPN through it.
  • No need to open it for online transactions either as is required for others (except Standard Chartered).

Standard Chartered has this really annoying requirement of initial deposit of 150k for a new account.

I would recommend Meezan too. I have been using it for quite a while and works very well.

United Bank Limited offers UBL Wiz Card. No need to activate the online session. Works on international level. I’ve used it on Aliexpress, Tomtop websites. Also it is a debit card.