Which DC Inverter AC is Best in Pakistan?

Wanna buy one. Tell me the difference between split and invertor one? Their advantages and price?

use google..

use forum search function.


Since most people don't use the search function, here is some info:



So, as per that page a good dc inverter ac would be one:

- having active power factor correction

- having good Intelligent Power Module(s)

- using dc fans

As far as comparison with "normal" ac type air conditioners:

- the dc inverter one will mostly save energy once the required temperature has been achieved and there is no major leakage (of cold air) in the area ... as it can run slowly unlike "normal" ac to maintain the temperature ... if there is major leakage like people constantly opening the door to a room, then, a dc inverter ac might consume more electricity than a "normal" one due to extra loss of ac->dc->semi sinusoidal conversion(s)!

- due to increased electronics and potential for energy savings exploited by marketing depts, the price is usually set higher than "normal" acs

Note: To cool down the (air) temperature inside a room by certain degrees would require the same amount of energy no matter the tech used to cool it down! It depends upon the cost efficiency and ease of the tech that makes a difference for us customers!



Excellent ! However, i was planning to buy an inverter Gree 1.5 ton AC. But for some reason i have been told by quiet a few people that it hasnt been performing as the non invertor AC. Plus, The Gree AC usually consumes less power than other AC brands. I just want to know is it true that the gree ac power consumption is mild in comparison to the invertor ac? Does the Invertor AC worth the investment?

Rafa Batool