Which Character/Race TO Choose In Skyrim

Hi guys,

which race/character will be the best to choose in skyrim?


^ Umm... You're supposed to choose that yourself. Your experience differs with different races, so whatever you choose, you'll enjoy it.

Most people play as Nords. I myself played as an Imperial, it was fun, and I've got the other races left to play for future plays.

hmm lets see hows Nords...

I chose nord.

well i choose argorian to see how it is...if i dont like argorian then i will choose noRDs...

btw the sound is low in skyrim.. any way to fix this problem? any one else having the same issue?

^ There were some audio issues in the initial release of the game. Have you updated to the latest patch? (update-5)

^ nope.. can u pls pm me the link for the latest patch ? i have the razors version of game.. and currently i am downloading Skyrim High Resolution Texture Pack DLC-RELOADED .. will this works with razors version? and i guess reloaded have added all the previous updates in this dlc pack..btw this new update is massive 3gb :)

^ Yeah, all the current updates are added in that pack. So just install that, & your problem should be solved.

ok thx buddy... its currently downloading lets see hows this new update...

To fix low sound problem, go to your Documents in Windows 7, click on My games, Skyrim, there are 2 files in it. Skyrim_Prefs.ini and Skyrim.ini. Open skyrim_prefs.ini.

Change the value of the following:


To either

fAudioMasterVolume=2.0000 or fAudioMasterVolume=1.5000

Save changes and close. Play skyrim, you should notice the difference. But be advised that if you open the audio panel in game again, the variable will be reset to 1 again. So if you want to make any changes, do before applying the tweak and don't open it again.

@jDk thanks i will surely try this...

guys tell me 1 thing.. if i am using a weapon like axe or sword then i cant perform magic? so magic will be performed without weapons? thxx

You all have the original skyrim or cracked?


Ok guys. It's pretty late to reply but I just started playing Skyrim now. Almost done with oblivion.

I am currently in the start where I just killed dragon. I want to know that will there come any point where I will be able to change the race again or should I start the game again????

Cheers. Bilal

Any one is here who plays the DOTTA 2???