Which Branded UPS is best currently in Pakistan

Asslam o Alaikum to all I want to buy a branded UPS suggest any good quality UPS within range economically best one, is there any dealer in Rawalpindi/Islamabad which gives the facility to buyers to replace their local made UPS with the branded one switch?.

Few branded UPS which I heard off are following:

1. Luminous

2. Homeage

3. APC

4. Inverex

all 3 except homage because this brand in discussions with miscellaneous faults


I have a been using tDigiTech UPS U1244 for the past yr. Its ok. running my WiFi router, DSL modem, TV and 3 energy savers.


It blew a fuse once and i had to take it back to the shop - they repaired it for Rs.800 but could not tell me what was wrong/changed - saying just that the UPS had to be sent to KHI for repairs. Atleast its Sine wave - v. important for electronics. Oh and it cost me Rs.11k

I also have been using digitech ups its been almost 1 and half year its 1500va and 12 volt i have attached 200amp battery of AGS its going good till now very rapid charging and going great i also recommend it