Which bank offers internet banking

which bank offers internet banking . i.e i want to transfer funds from my account to another account of other bank on internet.

i won't have to go to the branch or atm.

these banks support online funds transfer from 1 bank to other

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Habib Metropolitan Bank

other banks may charge some fee but scb website says they charge nothing


The Banks participating in Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT) are:

* Allied Bank Limited

* Askari Commercial Bank

* Bank Al-Falah

* NIB Bank

* Soneri Bank

* Habib Bank Limited

* Bank Al Habib Limited


* Bank Islami

* United Bank Limited

* Tameer Micro Finance Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whats does the bank charge me to use IBFT service on Online Banking?

Nothing! This service comes to you completely FREE. Does not matter if you use IBFT to transfer funds locally or across cities, this service is entirely free, as is our Online Banking.

Q. Are there any limitations to IBFT on Online Banking?

You can currently use IBFT to transfer only up to PKR 250,000 per day.

Q. What information do I require to do a transaction over IBFT on Online Banking?

You need the following:

* Complete Account number of the beneficiary in the other bank

* Amount that you wish to transfer in PKR

thanks a ton.

SCB has a limit of 250,000 . do others have the same limit.

check their websites or contact their support. not all banks in the above list allow internet banks funds transfer to others banks. i have a ubl account. it allows online funds transfer to only among its own branches.

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thanks a ton.

SCB has a limit of 250,000 . do others have the same limit.


check their websites. Bank Alfalah does not provide internet banking at all.


Soneri Bank does allow internet banking. I have personally have transferred funds from Soneri bank account to another bank account but they charge amount of Rs 58 for the transfer through internet banking. You can check the exact costs with Soneri bank regarding internet banking transfer costs.

Allied Bank Limited provide inter bank transfer facility, however don't know their limits.

HBL has also got Internet Banking with facility of Inter-Bank Funds Transfer.

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