Which Bank for a Saving Account?

Hello everyone, I need help in deciding a best bank for saving account. I have been researching and shortlisted 3 of the banks Askari Bank, Allied Bank and National Bank of Pakistan. But these are not confirmed as i got pretty confused while researching.

Basically, my requirement for the account is that i recently thought to save some of my monthly income to a separate account which pays profit monthly too and my money is secured and i don't have to pay extra charges as i won't be using this account for any activity like online transfers, internet banking, sms alerts etc. My money will just sit there.

I chose Askari because their rates are pretty low for withdrawals/deposits and its owned by Fauji Group so mostly Army men money is there. I chose NBP because it's stated owned/public so i guess money is secured more here. For Allied Bank, i just think its a good bank.

So guess please suggest me a bank and an account type (if possible) where i can keep money and don't worry about it, it pays monthly profit and don't get to pay extra charges. Thanks! :)

Go For Meezan bank it had the lowest bank charges and as far saving Profit is concerned that is almost same for every bank so dont expect much of the return and if your saving is more than 5000 monthly go for insurance or meezan bank offer a product (Meezan Kafalah)..