Which Background Software is using Internet?

I have DU Meter installed on Win 7 which always shows how much data is downloading/uploading ?

Since two days, even if nothing is running like utorrent, firefox everything is closed, but still DU Meter

shows 15~20Kb Up/DOWN Always ?

Is my computer hacked ?

Is a trojan installed ? Maybe ? I have Original Panda Internet Seccurity 2011 Insalled and Updated.

How the heck can i check which process is uppind/down data ?

TCP-View will allow you to see which programs are making internet connections



thanks for the tip.

Right click DU Meter in the task bar and select View Network Connections

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Right click DU Meter in the task bar and select View Network Connections


Why is the “System” is making connections to Suspicious IPs ?


Ok posted it bit late

Please till how can i stop this ?

Here is a list from DU Meter Network and connections, why is "SYSTZEM" making connections to many IPs?

Program Local Address & Port Remote Address & Port Connection State System Mr-PC:22292 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 cpe-67-241-93-155.twcny.res.rr.com:1084 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 oh-71-50-193-132.dhcp.embarqhsd.net:22995 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 p4FD66753.dip.t-dialin.net:64194 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 140.Red-83-61-166.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net:57492 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 net-93-145-48-79.cust.dsl.teletu.it:58298 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 triband-mum- ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 h85.123.39.162.static.ip.windstream.net:3230 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 h184-61-173-111.mdsnwi.tisp.static.tds.net:4509 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 ESTABLISHED System Mr-PC:22292 cm217.theta107.maxonline.com.sg:50078 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe Mr-PC:60268 bru01m01-in-f100.1e100.net:https(443) ESTABLISHED firefox.exe Mr-PC:60272 fx-in-f154.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED Mr-PC:60386 fx-in-f154.1e100.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:60389 fx-in-f154.1e100.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT firefox.exe Mr-PC:60395 fx-in-f154.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED firefox.exe Mr-PC:60401 fx-in-f154.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED Mr-PC:60492 api-12-02.snc4.facebook.com:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:60498 fx-in-f166.1e100.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT firefox.exe Mr-PC:60500 fx-in-f166.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED Mr-PC:61287 stats.hyena.arvixe.com:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61293 stats.hyena.arvixe.com:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61302 TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61305 TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61308 TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61311 TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61314 stats.hyena.arvixe.com:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61335 ip202.67-202-66.static.steadfast.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT Mr-PC:61338 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe Mr-PC:61344 bru01m01-in-f101.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED Mr-PC:61347 bru01m01-in-f101.1e100.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT firefox.exe Mr-PC:61351 yw-in-f102.1e100.net:http(80) ESTABLISHED Mr-PC:61353 yw-in-f102.1e100.net:http(80) TIME_WAIT ApVxdWin.exe Mr-PC:61356 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60203 tonec.com:60204 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60204 tonec.com:60203 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60205 tonec.com:60206 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60206 tonec.com:60205 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:60213 tonec.com:60214 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe tonec.com:60266 tonec.com:60267 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60267 tonec.com:60266 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60270 tonec.com:60271 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60271 tonec.com:60270 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:60385 tonec.com:60384 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:60388 tonec.com:60387 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe tonec.com:60393 tonec.com:60394 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60394 tonec.com:60393 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60399 tonec.com:60400 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60400 tonec.com:60399 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:60490 tonec.com:60489 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:60496 tonec.com:60495 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe tonec.com:60497 tonec.com:60499 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:60499 tonec.com:60497 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:61288 tonec.com:61289 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61295 tonec.com:61294 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61297 tonec.com:61298 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61313 tonec.com:61312 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61316 tonec.com:61315 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61319 tonec.com:61318 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61321 tonec.com:61322 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61324 tonec.com:61325 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61328 tonec.com:61327 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61331 tonec.com:61330 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61334 tonec.com:61332 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61337 tonec.com:61336 TIME_WAIT tonec.com:61339 tonec.com:61340 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe tonec.com:61342 tonec.com:61343 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:61343 tonec.com:61342 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:61346 tonec.com:61345 TIME_WAIT firefox.exe tonec.com:61348 tonec.com:61349 ESTABLISHED firefox.exe tonec.com:61349 tonec.com:61348 ESTABLISHED tonec.com:61352 tonec.com:61350 TIME_WAIT ApVxdWin.exe tonec.com:61354 tonec.com:61355 ESTABLISHED ApVxdWin.exe tonec.com:61355 tonec.com:61354 ESTABLISHED

you wanna stop all this?? ^

Tonec.com is official company website of internet download manager. Run good antivirus to track and remove the Trojan making this connection.

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you wanna stop all this?? ^



donga420, give a try to Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security. Panda I.S. is not a good antivirus.

go to Run

Type msconfig

then uncheck all programs in startup

restart and then try again

I had to install frsh windows

now the problem is fixed

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donga420, give a try to Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security. Panda I.S. is not a good antivirus.


how so ?

havnt tried panda antivirus but i want to … so, are you saying that because of a personal preference or anything you experienced ?

you shoudn’t have reinstalled whole operating system for just one problem… anyway if you have windows 7 you can check which processes is using your bandwidth by “resource monitor” …

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how so ?

havnt tried panda antivirus but i want to … so, are you saying that because of a personal preference or anything you experienced ?


Based upon my personal experience.

I use Comodo Internet Security (Free edition) which is quite good. Firewall is excellent. Defence+ and anti-Virus also do good job.

AVIRA Internet Security Suite the best- Search for reviews

I am not here for publicity :)

but eset nod32 or smart security is better than all others ...