Which 3g wireless router to buy for ptcl evo?

I have usb ptcl EV-DO. could you tell me which 3g wireless router is working with evo and is available in pakistan?

Please see this thread:

Can we Share PTCL EVO between 2 PC's

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yeah..... netgear is not available i searched.... but there is alternate-gear netshare router which is available....... it works with PTCL EVO.... i have tested it at my office.... works flawlesslly once u configure it.... i guess its for 5.2k to 5.5k....... not an impressive looking thing.... but works.....

well i can share this evdo internet from my laptop through ics but i need evdo compatible wireless router. does anyone know about it????? i have already wasted my money on tplink's wireless g router.

m sure it is not going to work with it

@ zeenaqash:


Checkout Tp Link 3g router. it suppoerts EVDO USB dongle for sharing

If you already bought tp link router then use the Bin file on tplink website . it will make it work with your usb device

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Checkout Tp Link 3g router. it suppoerts EVDO USB dongle for sharing

What is the cost

If I were you I would buy this > TL-WR1043ND as it supports 2.0 USB devices and with dd-wrt it can support almost all kind of 3G modems.


Plz nobody go for TP WR1043...just for sharing ptcl evo...1043 usb is meant to share the data through router usb port. not for sharing internet connection. however if you want to share you evo 3g then you should buy tplink 3g router TL-MR3420...3g router has compatibility for every huawei and zte usb dongles... very soon i will buy and test it with ptcl evo untill then keep in contact.

Recently i queried tplink dealer in lahore for the price of 3g router...they quoted me Rs 7000 wholesale. its prety high for a normal user. however i am planning to use evo for setting up wifi networks in rural areas.

U can have the device in 4500 for sure as I have bought it in Faisalabad !

is there any about 3g router http://www.modem3g.com/router-c-9.html or HUAWEI E585? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

Dlink DIR-450 is said to support all the eVo devices including the PCMCIA card ec360.