Where to sell CRT Monitor?

Im about to get a 22inch Samsung LCD (Syncmaster 226BW :D) and i want to dispose off my CRT monitor now because i dont think i will be needing it any more plus i need the cash.

My CRT monitor is not in warranty, has been used for around 2 years.. Its in good condition and its from Philips .. This is my Crt Monitor: http://www.itaholic.com/images/PRODUCT1532551154006.jpg

I want to get an idea from you guys at what amount i should sell this CRT monitor because i have no idea how much the new CRT's cost these days and also where should i sell them? I live in karachi is there any market where i can go and sell it ?

u can try selling it in naz digital plaza, regal computer plaza in saddar

just walk in the market and ask the shop owners whether thry want to buy..simple,,i see people doing at all the time...

u can sell on this forum or u can advertise in sunday dawn as well

At what price though? I think i bought this CRT for around 4000 2 years back if i remember correctly, how much do you guys think it will go for ?

I recently got rid of 2 CRTs too (got a Flatron :D) - there's a TV/monitor repair shop near my house and they also take old stuff. One was about 8 years old (15") and the other was 1 or 2 years old (19"). I got 2000 for both of them; the 19" was more valuable than the 15".

I would guess you might get about Rs.1000-1500... *shrug* I honestly don't know - it depends on the mood of the guy you sell it to! :P