Where to find Streaming Sony TV Online

I have been trying a lot to find site which streams Sony TV Live according to our/ Indian times as they happen. Though many sites on the net refer to it, I haven't found any site where the streaming is working, and I have yet to find where the aired programns correlate to Pakistani or Indian times.

If anybody knows of any working site where I can watch streaming Sony TV Live, kindly let me know. I am using PTCL 2MB DSL for internet.

Check these sites for streaming media :






None of the sites you mentioned airs Sony TV

www.idesitv.com best site to view indian channels in variable bitrate but i think they airs the US stream of sony tv …even our cable operators in karachi streams sony tv Middle east so i dont think it will be an issue

Best way to see live Pakistani and Indian TV Channels, Radio F.M. Star Plus, Sony, Geo News, <Dunya Live :: A Pakistani and Indian TV Website

a sideline topic

where is IPL is being telecast on net? I think Sony Max is showing. Any link?