Where to download "Quran lessons by Qari Khushi Muhammad"


Some years before, we watch a program on TV in which Qari Khushi Muhammad taught children the Quran. These were 64 lecturers. I need these lectures to distribute to my families but failed to find those lectures. I found a site http://www.aswatalislam.net/FilesList.aspx?T=Video&C=Learning&T1=Learn%20To%20Read%20Quran%20(Urdu)%20-%20Qari%20Khushi%20%20Mohammad

But here I could not download. Can anyone help me out to participate in this Sadqa-e-jaria???

What do you mean you couldn't download? the links on that page are working fine and I was able to download them as well.

links are active

In my system i am unable to download. It means some problem with my system.



Please check them