Where to buy Washer Dryer US type in Karachi

Hi guys

So far it has been very frustrating to find a washer dryer (separate or combo) in Karachi. I only see local washing machines with so called dryers that are no more than a spinner. You still have to line dry your cloths. I need to buy a washer dryer or a separate dryer likes of found in every home in America. Is there a local company that makes one? Is there a shop that sells local or imported? What price should I expect to pay?

Please let me know if you have any solid leads.


Search for Hoover/Maytag products.

Dear Asad,

Search where? Do you know any particular shops that are dealer of these brands?


Go to Nisar Electronics in Saddar, Karachi. As you make

your way from the General Post Office in front of the

Co-operative Market in Saddar straight towards Hashoo

Market (where all the mobile shops are), this shop is

tucked away in an alley on your left, as you pass the

mobile market. Ask anyone there. You can't miss it.

The things you are looking for are parked on the right.

The guy deals in imported washing machines (Kenwood,

General Electric, etc). Coincidently, I've seen a washer

dryer combo sitting on one side.

He also has experienced electricians to service imported

items, which is a huge plus. Although, with imported goods

need for after sales service is a rarity. If you need more

information, or telephone numbers, you can email me.




Sheikh 'Pimpin' Chilli

there is a shop in nursery, karachi which buys 2nd hand stuff like this from foreigners and locals who are leaving the country for good.

you can find his contact number in the sunday, dawn newspaper advertisement, "miscellaneous for sale" section.

A Big THANK YOU to all. I will check out these leads. I appreciate all of you guys for your help.

Best regards,