Where to buy security wire for house walls (LHR)?


Last week some one broke in to our house at night but was unsuccessful in opening the inner main door lock.

I would like to ask from where I can buy a security wire (with sharp spikes) which is placed on top of the walls (bent in circles), so that it becomes difficult to jump from the wall. I am in Lahore.

just go to a hardware store [not computer hardware :)]

thats called barb wire

@syed ali

if i were you i wouldn't mind running 240 volts through barb wire, so if somebody tries to rob me then he'll remember for rest of his life he picked the wrong house;)

There is a barbed wire and a razor-wire. The barbed wire is

a waste of money. It is made of iron and usually stretched

out and put on a wall with intermittent "L" bars. Two snips

and that wire, already in tension, flies apart.

The razor-wire is a steel wire. It has razor-sharp twin pro-

jections along the wire, that can cause serious damage. It

is usually left in tight rolls on top of a barrier. Unlike iron, if

cut it retains its shape.

The barbed wire is a deterrent for an intruder trying to leave.

The razor-wire is a deterrent from even thinking about coming

inside. Of course, the razor-wire is more expensive. But I have

seen folks using three tier barbed wire, coupled with a razor-

wire. Only the A-Team would thinking about getting into that





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