Where to buy Petrol for generator?

AoA, I want to know how to arrange for petrol for my generator? Whenever I go to a petrol pump they refuse to sell it to me in can for generator. The only option I’m left with is to sphion out petrol from my car, Or to buy from some shaddy places which sell petrol but there is a rumor that they mix Mitti Ka tail with petrol which damages the generator.

Any advice would really be appreciated.

I live in Islamabad.

Try other fuel stations.

Else, get a 12V fuel pump with fuel-safe piping and get it out of car tank.

Thanks for the reply bro. Where can I buy this kind of a fuel pump? Can you give me a link?

Secondly, what I’ve experienced is that cars these days have some kind of blockage down in their fuel tank opening which prevents shiponing with a pipe. If I were to buy a fuel pump like you mentioned above, where would it pump the fuel out of from the tank because a pipe can’t reach inside from the usual entrance?

What I’m currently doing is that I detach a fuel pipe going from a to b inside the bonnet of the the car and turn the ignition key a little bit. Petrol comes out for 3 seconds and then stops. I have to turn the key off and on many times to gather a decent amount of petrol.

You can buy fuel pump and fuel safe piping from auto shops around G-8, G-10, Hathi Chowk, Babu Mohalla, Marir chowk areas or any car spare parts shop (brand new). Make sure pipes are fuel safe or else they will dissolve. If you have any favored auto shop, you can ask them too. You can even explore motorcycle fuel pumps. Take care to use good quality parts of Honda or Toyota. For Suzuki parts, only go for those used for Wagon-R, Celerio (Cultus), etc and not old obsolete junk models. Make sure to get an inline diode and switch installed to the fuel pump wiring and suitable large jaw alligator clips to attach it to battery.

Use a thicker wall diameter pipe (made of rubber, etc) so that it doesn’t easily turn around on slightest path obstruction. Else, get a jacket pipe made of metal with fuel pump nozzle like bend but that would be expensive.

That is tedious process which you are currently following.