Where to buy HGH or Testosterone in Pakistan

Can someone tell me where I can get legit anabolic steroids like “testosterone enanthate” and “human growth hormone” like norditropin

The only pharmacy in Pakistan that I found sells the above is sehat pharmacy but they require prescription and I don’t think any doc might give me prescription for them.
before you tell me how dangerous this is.
I have been using Test Enan at TRT dosages for health purposes since late 2014 but the problem is, it is UGL and i want Pharma grade not UGL. UGL’s quickly go bust or are often underdosed.

Don’t know from where you can get it but I would like to share my experience with Sehat. Those guys really sucks even if you have valid prescription they will provide you list of crazy requirements in order to prove that your prescription is not fake I have stopped purchasing from them they are just the time wasters and for control drugs they will take at least a month with numerous follow up calls to process your order and they also have no way to refund your money (in case you were fool enough to use your bank to make payment before shipping of items).