Where to buy 3D glasses?

where to buy 3D glasses in Karachi ?

Any brand recommendation ? and price ?

i dont know but i suggest you to make these at home with 2 color blue and red (no oil paints) by painting both on each glasses and wear them, now goto tv you will enjoy 3D views

yes dear thanks for the suggestion i have seen this instructables at web , but i want some sophisticated one as i have a large 3D LED tv , but unfortunately 3D glasses didnt come with them from UK . our custom is zindabad u know.

Try that http://www.3dtrueview.com/

^^ wow thanks buddy . seems my problem and search is over now. thanks a lot.

which large 3d Led tv this is which requires Red/Blue glasses? almost all 3d TVs require Active Shutter 3D glasses which are not very cheap.


okay its not a 3D TV rather "3D Ready".

huh ! common sense is very rare these days :) real 3d or true 3d doesnt need glasses:)

^ my comment was in continuation with earlier post where i asked which TV it is which doesn't need Active shutter Glasses. I read the specs and it mentioned that its "3D - Ready". What commmon sense has to do with it?

BTW the technical term for Glasses-less 3D display technology is "Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display" not true 3d or real 3d

huh ! obviously i would use the language that can easily understandable to all members including the member from orangi town and from peshawer etc too ! :) i can also use the technical terminologies but i dont keep the orthodox mind / thoughts ! any how its good to know that people who use glinch mlinch technical words feel superlative :) but being simple has no comparison at all !

think of a second what if i made a thread with the heading Stereoscopic 3d display !

obviously members will feel what the Hell is this thing :) and first they will goto google or wikipedia (as u did ) :)

any how friend , being simple is very soooothing and using TECHNICAL words is not the barometer of knowledge .

GOD bless you. Mods can close this thread as i have already ordered the glasses.

i m sorry if i sound offensive/superlative though i did not want to. probably some miscommunication in Post #8. forget that please .

by the way do u remember me? i took ur help in car stealth case.

oh remember now ! so what happened with that car ?? recovered ??

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oh remember now ! so what happened with that car ?? recovered ??

no yar! car was not that problem, the problem was foreign passports inside it and my wedding got in stake due to that. Alhamdulilah we have got all the lost passports reissued now.

That time u got busy other wise i was about to ask “Car Location / Most recognizable landmark / Now”

do u sometimes use Major Ed dames method?

yes i do use remote viewing and other techniques at times.