Where is acrylic sheet cement/glue available in Pakistan? For gluing acylic sheet

Hi. I am trying to build an clear acrylic sheet enclosure. But i don’t know how to find the acrylic cement to bind the edges. Where can i find this glue? Does it have a local name? Thank you!

cyanoacrylate adhesives, usually called super glue works well with acrylic.
Elfy and GMSA brand super glue are easily available in Pakistan.

I understand. I have used it myself as well but the adhesive strength of CA not what i am looking for. So i searched online and saw that there are specific “Acrylic Cement” glues available

for strong joints, 2-part epoxy maybe, not sure if it works with acrylic.

check with Adenwalla & Sons (Karachi), they might have something that you can work with.

Is that cast acrylic sheet you are using??where did you get it from??