Where do I get a Newsweek subscription?

www.paradisesubcription.com doesn't have it;

www.libertymagazines.com doesn't have it.

www.newsweekasia.com has a subscription section but Pakistan is absent from the countries drop down menu!!

www.newsweekpakistan.com doesn't yet have an online option to subscribe, so I tried calling them and their machine receives your call and you start hearing the iconic dail-up connecting sound and after 47 seconds it disconnects. Tried emailing long ago; never got a reply.

How on earth do I get subscribed to Newsweek?

My older brother used to subscribe from some subscription company in Pakistan and they used to send him Asian Edition Newsweek. which was totally 90% crap content due to more emphasis paid on politics and economic situation of the far east ie china, japan, korea and all other chink countries.

In Pakistan our sociopolitical and socioeconomic (majority of Pakistani expats are in west) realities and purely tied with the west ie North America and Europe, so i would strongly encourage if you subscribe to Newsweek then get only US Edition which has content which concern us in Pakistan.

Well if you are unable to find subscription, then there is other way you can download pdf Newsweek (US edition) for free every week from hundreds of ebook websites, sorry due to forum rules I can't give you direct links but google keywords like "newsweek pdf" etc.

Is there a particular reason you want to subscribe to Newsweek? Have u tried Business Recorder?

@mathbathra: Yes, there is a reason. I read the Asian edition regularly for about two years and enjoy it very much. I just checked out Business Recorder. Its something entirely different; more like Herald. No point in comparing the two.

@kamran1x1: Thanks for the advice. I'll check out the US edition.

I'll say it again. Someone tell me how to subscribe to Newsweek !?

I have often received the subscription offers in my monthly credit card bills but never really kept it for any reference.

Can you contact / call Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad to check if they can offer it ? (Don't decide something based on the website since it is never up to date)


Umm...i found it on liberty magazines... http://www.libertymagazines.com/product_info.php?cPath=93&products_id=830

@Ijaz Ahmed: Thanks. I was going to call the Saeed people today but I guess hashimk has solved the problem

@hashimk: Thanks a lot for the find. Its definitely a new addition; it wasn't there a few weeks ago and I probably wouldn't have checked that site for another year.