Where can i buy a guitar in Islamabad or Peshawar

Im looking to buy an acoustic guitar. Where can i get one . What are the prices.

Dunno about prices but there is a shop in F8 Markaz. It's on the side of the Markaz facing the F9 Park.

there is a shop in F-10 Markaz too.

In Sadar Rawalpindi, adjacent to Kareem Ke Samosa shop. Prices can be around 6 to 10 thousands. You may also get something around 4 thousands, if you have skill of negotiating and by luck you get a cheap or second-hand guitar. Good luck.

By the way, if you don't know how to play it then I shall suggest to get some classes/lessons to save your time and yourself from frustration. :)

Fe-Aman Allah.