Where are the downloaded MBs (bittorrent client)


whenever I download a torrent then it shows different data that i have downloaded please see the image and tell me why there is difference in data that I download.. where the Mbs go ??



^ what u see in the downloaded section is the total data that has been downloaded sometimes data which is sent by other peers is corrupted this data is called "wasted data" and cant be counted towards the total files download

whereas the done section shows how much of the data has been completely downloaded with no errors

its showing 66mb wasted here so if we add this 66 mb in 653 MB done then we will get 719 Mb and its showing only 664 Mb , what is this now

like i said wasted is the data which was received and was corrupted, meaning that data is useless and so can not count towards the completion of ur torrent

You downloaded 664MB total; 66.6MB of that was corrupted, and like ruhaan said it's useless. The total size is 708MB, and out of that, you have got 653MB done, i.e. downloaded and verified that it is correct.

Numbers still don't add up, but that's the calculation as I understand it.

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and sometimes the torrent client is yet to save the downloaded Pieces so it doesnt deducts it from remaining amount and sometimes the torrent client downloads extra data but it doesn't get utilized (usually when you choose few files out of the torrents instead of full torrent download) errr