When PTCL is gona be fine? If Ever?

Its been almost 2 weeks since its darn slow and since past 4-5 days its almost dead. Low downloading speeds and disconnects like 30 times in 2 minutes. Why is this happenin and if its going to be fine ever? can someone update !!

its fine now! but about totally fine mmm! ill give example of Pakistan's GT road! Never gets completed and is always under construction! cuz its BIG like PTCL! I hope ive related both things correctly!

lol good one ^^

:P ty

its not fine its being slow as hell over here, i m reciving 10kbps on my 2mb

@metal then its ur particular issue cuz everything is restored! was a big mess up and above all the responsible people were PTA !

well i dont know ill wait for a day and then ill call at ptcl. maybe its not fine in here, i am only reciving 50-20kbps and sometimes it goes on 100.

Since now it looks like the dust is settled, filters removed and sites working normaly, I still have feeling that PTCL is gradually ditching its wired customers in favour of wireless services. Maybe wireless requires less effort and maintenance. Am I right?

No thats not correct, the internet goes fine during the day times but at night its gets bad again. I DONT KNOW WHY.