What's up with all the new Music Videos?

Why are all the music videos, I mean English music videos full of Porn/Sex themes all the time? Is this something new or it's just me noticing it right now?

Take the following as examples,

The Cataracs - Top Of The World (Portrayal of lesbian sex.. i mean wtf? )

Tonight I'm Loving you - Enrique Englisias ( It's okay with him because he always used to have porno filled videos ever since hes started singing)

Rihanna in S&M


Its one of the reasons I've stopped listening and watching mainstream music long ago. In fact I prefer just listening to music with no vocals whatsoever, unless they're really good.

Music without vocals does not interests me, you cannot sing along :D

Sometimes I really feel it's the end of the world when watching all the vids. However I still like the music errr..

Here is another one,

Katy Perry - E.T. ft. Kanye West

Weirdest videos ever.. watch till the end. it's all about animal porn here lolz.

EDIT: Believe it or not this video is an illuminati slave depiction.. check the details here

Videos are going crazy ever since lady gaga dropped into the music scene it seems..

Anyway im very much into trance though and trance music videos are almost always guaranteed CRAP :D. Anyway who watches the videos anyway ?

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Music without vocals does not interests me, you cannot sing along :D

Sometimes I really feel it’s the end of the world when watching all the vids. However I still like the music errr…


Then you my friend has not listened to some quality music. Listen to some quality stuff from CBL, SF, Akira Yamaoka, Brian Eno, Secret Garden. They certainly didn’t need vocals to bring the track to life.

Hmmm. Yeah i tend to agree as well. Its all flashy stuff with lots of activity. In fact, i remember one of the videos of Kanye West having a warning at the beginning that the video may mess up people with Epilepsy. It was one of crappiest video i had ever seen. Oh yeah, here it is (for your viewing pleasure):

Damn I just realized I am suffering from Epilepsy after watching this.

Blame goes to Kaye West for all the seizures I've just gone thru :P


Upon reading about all this crap online, I came across another example from Rihanna's S&M Video,


So Rihanna is the Princes of the Illuminati o.O

@neoclue.. How can you say it's a lie? everything is so evident. If this was just a marketing technique just to get fame then it would not have been so well ordered and it's strange how Illuminati artists treat each other, like Rihanna kissing Katy Perry like Lesbo partner, this all points out that the Illuminati do exist.

it all depends on viewer how do you take it! there's always bad and good things in films but some people noticed only bad things and porno

I think porn nudity discussions are not allowed so am out of this Thread

About the Illuminati in popular media, it is a disinformation and discrediting tactic. Image associated with mainstream music is evolving, getting more violent, vile and immoral. Its American mind control if you think about it. Same is happening in Bollywood where more and more offensive topics and images are emerging. Its not a revolution in art, Brave new world = NWO.

Another interesting article I found over the internet explains the obvious imagery and symbolism of Illuminati's in the Lady GaGa's new hit Born this Way. The article can eb found here

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In order to keep the youth interested and attracted to the elite’s agenda, creators of pop videos cleverly combines fresh visuals with mind-numbing repetition. Each new video attempts to bring an exciting or shocking element to generate some interest but, at the end of the line, the core message remains stubbornly on-par with the Illuminati Agenda. Born This way uses the classic technique of duplicity, which can be defined as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially, the concealment of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or actions”. The song’s lyrics say one thing, but the powerful symbols within the video go in the opposite direction. This leads to a contradiction our minds attempt to resolve: Is “boundless freedom” equivalent to the coercive new world portrayed by Gaga?

Despite the superficial eccentricity of the song, Born This Way is about conforming and adhering to a pre-defined mindset, a philosophy that is compatible with a New World Order. It is not Gaga’s vision, it is their vision. It is the mind state they want you to adopt in order for them to carry on with their Agenda unopposed. This is what they want you to think: There are no important values or moral codes; good and evil are a big blur and being a mindless zombie is cool. If you think this way, “you’re on the right track baby”. I’m not.


Every new video is showing this trend of all evil is good. All the taboos in the society are being displayed proudly. They want to finish the innocence probably. They want to create a society where the good is thought of something obscure.

On one hand my mind tells me that I should not be watching/listening to all this music but on the other hand I am so addicted to it that cannot get the hold of life without listening it, I keep denying to myself that this is all just symbolism for marketing and nothing is real. However I know it is. >.<

Do you really need to watch videos with the intention that there's a hidden message behind it, or would you rather watch it for the heck of it?

I watch it for the heck of it.

I don't really care about illuminati; I watch videos not with the intention of watching violence and negativity and all that crap. For me, songs are songs, and videos are videos. People use videos for promoting the song.

It's just like calling Rihanna's "Umbrella" masonic. I don't care about how masonic it is - but I watch it from an artsy perspective.

PS: on a similar level, you can say that Nazia Hassan was the promoter of obscenity and westernized culture - cause she wore skirts most of the time.

Or the Arabs are a bit too off the mark of decency if you watch their music videos.

Or the Indians are manufacturing videos that are violent and what-not.

Eitherway, you can come up with a million meanings of somethings. But of course - everyone is entitled to their opinion.

PS: They say Katy Perry's video "E.T." has illuminati references. I still have a hard time figuring out what exactly these secret societies try to do and all that, and I couldn't care less.

And Rihanna's "S&M" is already provocative enough a song, and the video goes with the lyrics "sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me". Now go watch the video and you'll see the match.

And GaGa, in an interview with Google, said "Born This Way" is about being who you are and all. The video... well - her videos never make sense :P but I just came across a link saying Born This Way is another illuminati hullabaloo.

Conspiracy theorists will remain in this world. They get paid to do it.


As for the actual topic: I agree - videos have generally become more provocative - and are being censored more on TV now. Go check out Wiki's page on censorship on MTV (which mostly has MTV USA stuff). MTV's European channels also censor. Asian channels censor too. Channel V censors too (but that's because they beam from Malaysia though their production facilities are in Hong Kong... or that's what I recall) so they have to follow Malaysian regulations.

Case in point: Malaysian radio and TV channels censor GaGa's "Born This Way" when she says "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life". Watch it on Channel V - the lyrics are repeated with a line preceeding this line.

Ooh - and if you don't believe me that there isn't any censoring done, well... MTV UK/European never showed Eminem's "Stan" video in full - this is 1998/1999 we're talking about.

Or better yet - they don't let profanity on-air.

So yes - there's a drift. Why? It's under the pretext of "creativity and freedom". I think they've just run out of ideas and manufacture soft-porn to engage the viewer.

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Do you really need to watch videos with the intention that there’s a hidden message behind it, or would you rather watch it for the heck of it?

I watch it for the heck of it.


Well I’ve been doing that as well until now I discovered another perspective to these videos/music. You cannot just leave your life open for people/pop stars to manipulate with. It’s ones responsibility I reckon to make sure that what they listen is not harmful to them.

You may not be aware but what we listen to indirectly affects our lives. The power of music to act therapeutically has long been recognized. Therapy can involve listening to or actively making music. Therefore Music and it’s Videos can be used in an evil therapeutic way as well.

If we all just leave everything for the heck of it then there would be no more research/development in the society.