Whats the best Pk online shopping website?

Whats the Amazon of Pakistan? I’m interested mostly in buying tech stuff. I have been using Galaxy Computers online for years now, but wondering if there are other good alternatives.

What do ppl think of homeshopping.pk?

It depends what you get through online in best price. When there are promotions you get huge discounts from the websites like daraz.pk, kaymu.pk, yayvo.com

There are more like cheezmall.pk, allmytech.pk, xiaomi.pk and the list go on.

The prices seem pretty similar these days across the sites. I’m more concerned about which one has the best service, stock etc.

I guess all have stock and they all are good in services. I frequebtly use to shop with Daraz and yayvo.

Daraz is the best shopping site in pakistan

I have a good experience with Daraz because they offer discount deals quite a few times every year. I have also heard good things about homeshopping site.

import service

Only Daraz is best other are fake

If you are looking for most economical online shopping destination then i would suggest you to visit www.mass.pk their deals and product quality is awesome i have been doing online shopping since 2012, and they proved to be a well reputed online electronics store in Pakistan. One of their specialty is they can arrange any sort of products on demand as well.

Yesterday visit https://martandmart.com looking good and the best thing is i saw only quality and branded products

I have purchase products for my project from www.salezone.pk they have electronics engineering products and they have a very quick service and best customer support.

Wow what a lovely Site
will Thinking to buy Some thing
Hope their Service Would be Good

Yes dear, they have a very good service, because i personally used this website, because i am a engineering student so that will be the good website for us, and they also have a lot of other products, you can try one time, and i am sure they will give you the best service, because i have a personal experience. I also recommend to my friends.

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I think Kaymu and daraz are very common and trusted websites.

Baich day OLX