Whats The best Internet Deal for me in accordance with my requirements

AoA all guys,

I am using internet through my edge enabled nokia set and i am using zong prepaid unlimited packge which cost me around 600 Rs./ month including taxes.

Web browsing speed is ok but i will not be able to run streaming video sites like youtube & daily motion.

I get downloading speed between 5-8 kBps, some time it went up to 15-20kBps and some time itdown to 1-2kBps but normaly it is between 5-8.

Now I want to change it, my resources are limited i dont want cable net, i dont have PTCL line and my budget is around 800-1000 Rs./month.

my Requirements are

1. Downloading speed must be more than 25kBps

2. Streaming sites work smoothely (Youtube, Dailymotion)

Guys I need your Suggestion that which is the best deal for me from the below mentioned packages please keep in mind my requriments.

1. Get PTCl Line and their DSL

2. Vphone

3. World Call Wireless

4. World Call EVOD

5. Wateen Wimax

6. Mobilink Infinity

7. Warid Internet USB

8. Warid GPRS/EDGE eanbled Postpaid with unlimited net

9. Any other which I dont Know

10.Or Wait for some better package.

Please give me advice, i really need your help.

Thank You.

^ which city are u located in?

Karachi Central Region

get PTCL 512kbps DSL with student package and it will cost you Rs. 839 and the speed will be between 55-64 KB/s and the streaming sites will work flawlessly

Streaming sites work alright with 512k, but there are hiccups with 256k - they're not unbearable but you should keep that in mind. You can get a 512k plan for Rs.1200, though Worldcall is 1300. Download speeds should be around 60kB for those. If you get DSL (PTCL, Maxcom, LDN), you're at the mercy of your phone line which is most likely in bad condition - because of that you won't get a steady speed (up or down).

But you don't currently have a phone line so you'll have to get one first - you might get a fiber line, but then you're limited to only PTCL (ie. PTCL won't allow any other DSL provider to setup their service on a fiber line). Even then, results aren't guaranteed because its likely not all fiber from you to the exchange.

As for me, I used DSL (Maxcom then PTCL) but there were alot of problems (such as the ones stated above) and not I've transferred over to WorldCALL cable and I'm pretty much satisfied. The ping isn't to die for, but I get a constant speed and can upload and download at max speed at the same time. My average is about 62kB/s. One important thing is that you make sure they have UPS installed at their centers, because otherwise your internet will go out with a power cut (even if you have electricity in your area). From the representatives I've spoken to, they've almost got every where covered with UPS, but there are still some areas facing this problem so be sure before you get into this as it can be a potential pain in the behind! :P

So my suggestion for you would, seeing as you don't have a phone line and don't want a desi cable waala -- from 'personal' experience: WorldCALL (EVDO or cable), Wateen

I say 'personal' because I use Worldcall cable myself, a friend has EVDO and is doing alright, and my cousin is doing fine with Wateen. The forum has got threads on each of these and I highly recommend you try to go through these and get a feeling of the user reviews and general feeling before you dive in and get something!

You'll love it when you've got a fast connection going. Especially since you'll be jumping from 5kB to 60kB, it'll feel very nice! :D Good luck!

if you get ptcl line you will have plenty of options, and what about worldcall HFC cable internet service is this available in your area?

What wzub really means to say is that If you have a PTCL line in a good condition which means your number is noiseless and secondly if your number is running from Electronic cabinet(ONU, Optical Network Unit) then you can think of DSL. Simple Identification of ONU and non ONU run number is if your number is from old series this means it is end to end copper if its from new series then your primary cable(from exchange to Cabinet is on Fiber) and from Cabinet to Pole and Pole to your premises is on copper. If you can mention your PTCL number first 4 digits you will be answered. OK if you are on ONU, PTCL don't have standby Generator your number will become dead in load shedding(not immediately but if backup batteries of ONU discharge).

Keeping in view all above you may go for Worldcall EvDO which doesn't require any landline and its a simple USB Modem just plug it and have broadband experience. Its roaming is open with in Karachi you can put it in your pocket and use it in home and office no serious issues of coverage.

^worldcall HFC service also doesn't requires a phone line

^ Also both Wateen's and Mobilink's Wimax services do not require a phoneline

Thanx for all your responses.

Please tell me from where i get world call cable what their charges and how they install at home.


^ for the charges check this site http://www.worldcall.net.pk/packages_ioc_karachi.php

I am using World call from last one year its Very nice than V WIRELESS i also USE V WIRLESS ....... V is very expensive ......

WORLD CALL Is only 575 R.s (I didnot get any notification of 675 i pay my bill on 1st of this month and this is 575.s)

WORLD CALL have Disconeection problem its may DC any time other wise this is good for me i think this is not a dsl so errors are welcome :)

i like this service........... this is awesome for me...