What will web design trends in 2014?

I think a few of the trends of 2014 are:

* responsive web design becomes ubiquitous. Desktop only and mobile only will be the exceptions and will cost extra as responsive themes and templates become standard.

* hover effects will go the way of Flash as fewer browsers support them

* web fonts will become commonplace as their price falls.

* RESS - responsive with server side assistance

* backgrounds instead of images, these can be controlled with CSS media queries

* more use of video

* specialized hosting for CMS, these can drastically improve performance. Examples are WP Engine for WordPress and Engine Yard for Rails.

- less keyword-stuffed content, as search engines evolve, putting a lot of junk in your copy will become not only ineffective, but counter productive. I've been calling this Human Eye Optimization (HEO)

whats ur mind ?