What was your last Favorite Song?

Mine was

Blue - Theme


S.O.S - Jordin Sparks

Just Heared

Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Liked it

Breaking Benjamin - I will not bow

Three Days Grace - Break

David Mackenzie - Don't Even Start

any dj shadow joint

undisclosed desire by muse

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thanks for linking to youtube

heres mine last fav song : "khuli zindabad malgaroo"


My first and last favourite song is nothing else matter produced by Mettalica band.

Leave out all the rest . Lyari Park

Mass Hypnosis by Children Of Bodom

Yes last favorite song is the right word as my choice keeps on changing, right now its Party in the USA by miley cyrus.

Cheryl Cole - 3 Words.

Cheryl Cole - fight for this love

RObby williams Feel

My last favorite song was LOVE STORY by Taylor Swift.

OMG! i didn't notice there is a thread asking for my last fav song. Its by Timbaland: Morning After Dark.

My all time favorite song is One Love by Blue.

My heart will go on