What was your first computer?

Dear WP members,

As the title suggests, I just thought it would be nice to know which was your first computer.

It would be great if you list make/model along with specs.

Additional info like what did you learn on it, would be great.

Panasonic CF2700 was my first computer. It was MSX standard (just like Android, it was a standard in 1980-1990 where OS was same but H/W manufactured by many).

CPU: Z80A running at 3.58MHz



OS: MSX BASIC (Microsoft eXtended BASIC)

Resolution: 256 x 192 pixels

Colors: 256 colors

It used to connect to home TV and softwares were loaded using a cassette tape.

I learned BASIC language programming on it and then Assembly Language Z80A microprocessor. I learned interfacing and hardware architecture as well.

I still have it in working condition.



My first computer was P-2 400 MHZ with 32 MB Ram.... :)


I brought my 1st computer from Lahore about 7 Years ago (2005) which was Asrock motherboard with celeron 2.40Hgz processor , 512 Mb of ram, internal TV tuner card, 40Gb HD, and was xp installed

this still exists & working- Only got 3 times damage of power supply due to load shedding

Mine was a Pentium I, Actually that was my brother's, but on some special occasions i was allowed to use it.

PROCESSOR: 166Mhz Intel Original

RAM: 16 Mb


MONITOR: Samsung SyncMaster 14"

Regarding what i have learned, the most note able is Fatal Fury (Its a fighting Game, later Art of Fighting and then King of fighters) :P the other memorable is that there is a thing called jumper, because later i burned that computer because i didn't put the jumpers right and Hard disk and Cd drive were not working at the same time, so I tried changing the cables and other things and restarted the computer like 30-40 times, finally the Mobo said "no more pai jee" :(

I have also learned some basics about Windows, Internet, Hardware etc etc on that PC, Unfortunately i have to sell that Computer to "Loya Radi Waich" later, But i still have its Ram, Harddisk, Powersupply and some other cables etc.

Hmm, that's a tough one to remember. My first computer was the Intel 386!

CPU: Intel 80386 (or just 386)

Processor: 33Mhz

OS: Windows 3.1


Memory: 200MB

I think that's about right. I remember how when I went to get it upgraded the guy asked me how much RAM do I want. Me being a kid didn't know anything about it so I proudly said "double it". He said "just 8MB?" after which he told me that normally games required 32MB by that time and I was blown away! lol

Ah old memories...My first computer was 486 bought in 1997. Along with 600MB hdd and 8MB RAM....used to run Win 95 and since i was a kid back then so main purpose was Paint and games...mainly DAVE, SKYROAD and whole bunch of DOS games.!


OMG you played Dave and Skyroads too!? I remember another game I liked a lot called Commander Keen and Street Fighter but best of all was Lemmings! Man, the good ol' days!

It was in year 1998~99 processor was p2 400mhz, 64mb ram and 3~4GB hard disk running win98. With a Phillips 14" monitor. I used to play games one hour daily. whoa!!!! wasn't that great?

i used its ram afterwards for a long time as keychain. :)

a pionex 486 computer if remember correctly... :)

i got my first computer after i got my matric cleared :D and it was 486 :) if anyone remember those days

Intel pentium3 1.0 Ghz.

128 mb ram

40gb hard disk

samsung sync master 14" monitor...

i still remember that i bought it for 33000...

My first computer which i bought was in 1988-89 which has an 8086 processor with 640kb of ram and it only had floppy drives the size of 5.25", operating system was DOS and i have to swap floppies to run a large program or game.

Its monitor was a CGA interface.

I learned BASIC, Wordstar and Lotus 123 on it.

I bought it in 25000/- at that time.

Well our family had out first PC in 1999, It was a pentium 1 and we still have it somewhere in the old place, All we used to do was read up Encarta encyclopedia and use paint. And yeh there were Sega games aswell.. Aladdin and Lionking.. wonderful games those were.

The first PC I worked on was an Olivetti M20 Z8001 processor, 128KB RAM, 2x320Kb 5.25" Floppy Drives, Monochrome Monitor, PCOS Operating System, BASIC language.

First PC I owned was 386SX 1MB RAM, 1x360KB 5.25" Floppy Drive, 10MB HD, MS-DOS, GW-BASIC, Foxbase 2+.

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The first PC I worked on was an Olivetti M20 Z8001 processor, 128KB RAM, 2x320Kb 5.25" Floppy Drives, Monochrome Monitor, PCOS Operating System, BASIC language.

We can be best friends :D

It was a Dell, I don't really remember which one. It was in 1999.

Pentium 1 @ 166Mhz.

16MB Ram.

1 GB Hdd, running Win95.

I wasn't really allowed to use it.

Sometimes when I actually got to use it, I couldn't do anything more than play Minesweeper.

By the way 'The Blue Screen of Death' kept creeping up every now and then. So I grew up hating the blue color :P

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By the way ‘The Blue Screen of Death’ kept creeping up every now and then. So I grew up hating the blue color :P

LOL - It still appears even in Windows 7

IBM Aptiva (Bought in 1998)

AMD K6-2

300 Mhz

64 MB Ram


32X Cd-Rom

ATI Rage Graphics Card

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LOL - It still appears even in Windows 7


Seriously? I’ve been using Windows 7 since the first RC (around mid-2009). I continued using the Home Premium after that and despite being a heavy user (who messes around with my OS a lot) I’ve never seen the BSoD!