What to do if your not getting

Alright I have got a new PTCL 4mbps DSL connection on copper and I am not getting the upload speed. The upload speed doen't go over 10 KB/s .... where as I should be getting 100 to 90 KB/s.

The line stats are good considering copper line. and up stream (sync) rate is around 1200kbps (more then 1 mbps) so what could be the problem. I have tried torrents and direct upload but it doesn't go more then 10KB/s... so what should I do? who to contact?

Here are my modem stats


it sure is a backend cap. Try requesting the CSR and local exchange. It seems as if your package for 4M downlink is not properly set for 1M uplink.

Thats strange, After one day of posting this thread, I started receiving ~ 85KB/s up :o

hmm WP gettin influential.