What the?

Guys, since 8 march, I am not recieving any signals from Wateen, when I call their customer service, they say.... 'Sir, we are working on your site'..... Ironic,... since I can see the site from my house....... and when I went to their Franchise, the owner said the most incredible thing....... quote: "Warid's administration has has a financial row with Wateen, and has temporarily shut down the towers here" He also said that about 60% Pakistan was to face the same problem! :S ....... But both sources have one statement in common.... it'll be resolved in a month..... a month!!! I am not used to not having internet access for hours

I have reported the Franchise owner's statement to the company... but sadly, no firm response.... what is all this??

BTW, I live in Gulshan e Maymar....

Look at the bright side: You probably won't have electricity for the rest of the month, so you're not gonna miss anything.

Being serious, this is incredibly stupid, on Wateen's part, on Warid's part and even on PTA's part. At most they might refund the amount, but the inconvenience is ridiculous.

Ridiculous is an understatement Osman.......

Its been 20 days, I have been calling them everyday, even mailing them when I could.... but all they said was that it'll be all right on the 28th..... As of this moment, it isn't all right at all...... As another deadline goes by, my credit must be gone, and they've said that they cannot stop the system from deducting the specified amount every month (regardless of use)....

So here's my question: Can I take any legal action against them?

I'm no legal expert, but I'd advise you not to go into this legal mess. The judges are corrupt, the decision will take probably 10 years, the attorney fees and suffering the court dates will make you go insane. Report to PTA, and keep badmouthing Wateen, you'll get some satisfaction through that. It'd be better if you can post those emails (if they actually had the courtesy to reply to them) here, with complete details of what happened.

dude the site time that was stated of Gulshan e Maymar is today till mid night wait till midnight and let's see what time has in for us

Never mind now guys.... Thank God that the problem is resolved :)

$#!t man... i have same problem in Allahabad, westridge 3, Rawalpindi... it went out on 20th march,,, came back for a day on 3rd april i guess,, and went out gain... still dead

wateen sucks :@

^if you are so much annoyed get your refund and stop abusing it put an end to it the best solution man

^ are u kidding me. they dont refund a thing. haven't u read horrible stories of wateen looting people not returning them security refund for months... im not returning the device n m not paying them $hit

^who said that????

contact on customersupport@wateen.com if you want to refund your device and you will get your cheque if you paid subscription charges within 4 weeks