What the hell UFONE!?

Just got following SMS from Ufone:

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Dear Subscriber, Your requested VAS has been activated

WTF!!!! I didn't request any Value Added Service (if that's what it means)!!! Is this another ploy from Ufone to extort money!!?? They have automatically subscribed me to some service which I didn't request!!

Just talked to Ufone CSR and he told me that this is MCN service which allows user to receive missed call alters on SMS in case mobile is off or out of coverage. Its charges are 60 paisa daily!

Now comes the fun part. He told me you must have received an automatic call from 333 about this service to activate. And you have to press 1 for Yest to subscribe to this service. Now I remember getting such call about 1 or two days ago. I got a call from 333 and I was like what is this!? I received the call and then that lady started telling me something which I don't remember. I knew this is some kind of promotion and since I was not interested I simple disconnected the call. I didn't press 1 or 0 or any other number just disconnected. AND NOW THEY HAVE SUBSCRIBED ME!!! :@:@

I just unsubscribed from this bloody service by sending sms "MCN Off" to 180.

It turns out this 180 number to unsubscribe is for post paid users. For prepaid users, you have to call at 180 number. I did and this is what the lady's voice said:

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is service ko subscribe karnay kay leay 1 dabayen

is call ko khatam karnay kay leay koe sa bhe button dabayen


Now what the **** is this!? I mean to subscribe you have to press 1, and to disconnect this call you press any other key....but where is unsubscribe option!???

What works best is to keep a record of whom you called regarding this. They kept doing this to me repeatedly until I threatened the helpline operator of suing Ufone in a court of law. He apologized for the issue and since then, I have had no such subscriptions. :D

Sue their a$$! ;)

I complained for my cousin in UK to sky. The downloading speed was always less than 100kb/s but when after a lot of correspondence and visits from their agents the problem didn't solved then I emailed them:

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Five days passed and nothing being done. Still speed sucks. Kindly change the lines of my area as you are also earning a huge chunk of money from this business. Every time you people advise me patience. This time I advise you to work hard as you also get salaries from sky. If you can't give me good speed than discontinue this internet contract with me and let me try another company as they are willing to give me good speed.

I have emailed you number of times but you people are not doing any thing. I think now I should contact the consumer rights protection court for furthure action.


After that they send two senior farangis and they took alomost 1 and a half hour on the cabinet coming from exchange and after that speed was above 400KB/s. Now after every two or 3 days they call my cousin to make sure that the speed is good or not. :)

This is how they have respect for consumer rights courts. But in our country.............. "chul rehn day"

haha I called Ufone again and this time I asked the CSR specifically....."check your system and tell me if my number has subscribed to MCN service or not...I want to know it now!"....he said "sir the only service you are subscribed to is GPRS" and I thanked God. After I disconnected I got 3, 4 more SMS from Ufone asking me to subscribe to MCN service. I have got same messages an hour before.

And this is the reason why I ported out...no matter what I did or who I called, every day sometimes twice a day, I would get an sms from 492 thanking me for having subscribed to services. Initially I called them and asked them what is going on. So get this - the guy goes, to unsubscribe, you have to send an sms. This sms would cost me 2.50 plus tax. Hmmm...so let me get this straight - I didn't subscribe to a service for which you are charging me every day and now to unsubscribe from this I have to send an sms....for which again I pay? wow...um...I'm speechless. I did this 5 times and then got fedup - to date every day without fail I got the sms until I disconnected their service. This is beyond pathetic.

Its simple, in Pakistan things work only when you get angry and insulting with the customer service. I was facing similar issue , talked to them politely few times with no resolution and then I just did with them what they deserved , all is ok after that. If talking on phone do not help, do the effort of visiting the customer service once and give them their due respect, you know what I mean ...