What the hell is wrong with the speed?

I was using maxcom for a long time and i loved it. I just recently shifted to PTCL because i shifted houses. I got a 4mb connection and man, I hardly get a speedtest result of above 1mb !!! Downloading speed varies from 150kbps to 300kbps on average plus right now, In my router page it is showing me 553kbps download and 645kbps upload. WHAT THE ****?

What is this? How the F is this a 4mb connection? Seriously. What to do ?

Welcome to PTCL


I have been getting only 1/2 of the speed as advertised for more than a year now. Can anyone guide me? I know its simply aweak pair problem but after giving 2 linemen money and numerous complains I gave up long time ago, questions:

1-wheather changing my ISP to LDN will solve pair problem 100% ?

2-will changing PTCL package(4mb to 8mb) force them to change to a new pair OR is there still a chance they will not refresh my pair?

What are your line states?

yea what the hell man, speeds are being #$%# since past a weeek!!!!!

pls contact me in case u need any help regarding ur complaint. contact number is: 0321-5854417 or email: jahangirahmed198@gmail.com thank u

i get good speeds @4mb i.e 400+ on torrent and 500+ on idm,check ur line